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Competition results & my Gameshow challenge
Competition results & my Gameshow challenge avatar

Hey guys! I didn’t post here yesterday but I was on twitter with some of you guys, sharing the Gameshow madness and magic. I’ll post about the album release later on today with your photos, some fun tweets and of course the live stream, but for now I’ve a few other things to cover. First…
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My thoughts on Gameshow.
My thoughts on Gameshow. avatar

Gameshow! What an album. I can finally discuss it. I first heard the whole thing just over a week ago, and though it feels like it was only yesterday because the songs still sound so new (only having heard the studio versions once, well a few times now) it also feels like it was aaages…
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Tell us your favourite song off Gameshow so far!
Tell us your favourite song off Gameshow so far! avatar

Basement amigos and amigas, I thought we’d have a bit of fun while waiting for October the 14th. So far we’ve heard three songs off the new album, including two studio versions. Though both songs are in my opinion brilliant and promising, I do have a favourite..and I’m sure you do too! They both seem…
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European tour!
European tour! avatar

Fellow basement people of Europe, the wait is over, Two Door have just announced a European tour! Check out their announcement below: How exciting is this? I can’t wait to see them play their own shows again. I must say, I was hoping for a few more french gigs but hey..maybe they’ll announce more? A…
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Work for!
Work for! avatar

Hi guys! For those of you who follow us on instagram, you may have seen last night that we’re looking for some new people to become regular contributors to the site! Hiya basement folks, Saoirse here again. As you’ve no doubt noticed if you’ve been on recently, not much has been happening on the…
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