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Hi guys!

For those of you who follow us on instagram, you may have seen last night that we’re looking for some new people to become regular contributors to the site!

Hiya basement folks, Saoirse here again. As you’ve no doubt noticed if you’ve been on recently, not much has been happening on the site due to lack of internet. Joe gave it a new look about two weeks ago so it matches the band’s one, and well it looks pretty cool if I may say so myself, so thanks for that Joe! As for news, I’m back online now and did my best to summarize Two Door’s recent activity, luckily enough for us nothing HUGE happened in the last month, by that I mean both singles had already been released, the album date announced etc. I did however worry that something big would be announced, and so we’ve decided it’s time to take on some new people to become regular contributors for the site! Does that sound like something you’d be up for? Check out the site tomorrow for more info! I can’t wait to be in touch with you and hopefully work alongside some of you, you instagram folk seem like such a lovely crowd! Until tomorrow, much love guys! (Here’s another pic of Rock en Seine in Paris from last Friday, until a replay of their set is available!) #twodoorcinemaclub #basementpeople

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We’re looking for someone who is passionate about the band, so up to date on their music, tours etc, someone who follows them via social media to keep up with their latest news and of course someone who has a bit of time on their hands to devote to writing for the site! English is also needed as we try to reach as big an audience as possible.
If you think you have what it takes to become a part of the team get in touch with me here (title your e-mail “ needs me”) and I’ll get back to you asap! Let me know what Two Door and the basement people mean to you, why you think you’d be good for the site and anything else you think will help! If you’ve written online before feel free to share your work.

We’d already asked for a bit of help with the site a while back, check it out here. I’m still in the middle of updating everything, as you know I haven’t had much access to the site recently so that slowed everything down, but I’m doing it now so you’ll have a nice tidy and fully up to date site soon enough! Thanks again to everyone who e-mailed me, your help is very much appreciated! If you would like to help update the site you can still send in your suggestions! And again for anyone who’d like to become a regular contributor to the site, get in touch (don’t forget to title your e-mail “ needs me”)!

I look forward to hearing from you folks, until then keep well!