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Why not? Let’s try and make this trend!
Why not? Let’s try and make this trend! avatar

Basement people of the world. I, Saoirse, devoted Two Door fan and admin, have a mission for you. After three years with very little news and almost no new music (hello Gameshow), tonight our waiting comes to an end. Ready? @BBCR1 TNGT 7PM. Our new single #AreWeReady? (Wreck) is @AnnieMac’s #HottestRecord! —…
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NYC madness.
NYC madness. avatar

To help you guys wait until tomorrow, I’m back with some more news from the basement! This time a piece from Leah who had a double Two Door experience having seen them on the 4th of June in Boston and then on the 5th in NYC after Gov Ball was cancelled. Enjoy! Hey, I’m Leah…
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We are on instagram! Better late than never, is now on instagram! Follow our official instagram account here! Our lovely american correspondent Alexa is running it, so go say hi and give her a follow! Welcome to the official Instagram for! Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexa and I’m 1 of 3 administrators at…
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Six years on..
Six years on.. avatar

Basement people of the world, the boys are absolutely, most definitely, no doubt about it back. As some of you know, I was lucky enough to see them last Sunday, and all I can say is what a show. I’ve been a huge fan of Two Door since Tourist History came out in March 2010,…
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A night with Tudor Cinema Club.
A night with Tudor Cinema Club. avatar

Hola hermanos and hermanas! Things have been quite exciting lately, with the recording of album 3, the finishing of album 3 and of course the bands secret not so secret come back! And yet, despite all the Two Door madness, I was able to get in touch with some of you lucky people who saw…
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