Ten years of Tourist History!

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Ten years of Tourist History!
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Basement peeps!

Looong time, no speak! What can I say, our team have all been very busy. Though I haven’t been very active basement people wise, I have still been quite an active fan! Since my last post, I’ve seen the band twice, one at Rock en Seine in August 2019 (how has it been that long?!) and again last month at the Olympia de Paris!

A lot of other stuff we never got around to covering has happened too, Alex turned 30 (happy birthday Alex and so so sorry we never made a post!), the band have started playing some new False Alarm songs live (hello Satisfaction Guaranteed!), they have played a lot of cities and venues and have already started announcing festivals for this summer… What have we not covered that you would like to see on the site? Get in touch basement people!

Today however, I’m writing to you because I simply cannot miss what is coming… Tourist History’s tenth anniversary! That’s right basement people, it’s been TEN YEARS since we discovered the beautiful cat covered record and the ten incredible songs on it (well, some we knew before the album was released, but you what I mean)!Way to make us feel old Two Door…! Were you there/a fan ten years ago? If so, how do you feel the band has evolved, as people and musicians? If you’re more new to the band, how does it feel going to back to their first album? We want to know!

Let’s celebrate together on social media with a hashtag alongside your favourite Tourist History memories! How about #TenYearsOfTouristHistory? Do keep an eye on the bands accounts though, they may have their own hashtag too! Either way, don’t forget #basementpeople too so I can find you all!

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What do you think the band have planned for tomorrow?

Again I’m so sorry for not being in touch in ages, I will do my best to make some time for more posts! I’ll share about my latest Two Door gigs soon anyway, and we’ll take it from there…sound like a plan?!

I look forward to chatting to you all on social media basement peeps…ten years! TEN YEARS!