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European tour!
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Fellow basement people of Europe, the wait is over, Two Door have just announced a European tour! Check out their announcement below:

How exciting is this? I can’t wait to see them play their own shows again. I must say, I was hoping for a few more french gigs but hey..maybe they’ll announce more? A girl can dream! Also, notice how Sam announced the North American Tour and Kevin the European one..does this mean Alex will be announcing the biggest one yet, an Ireland & UK tour? We’ll have to wait and see! Let us know what gigs you’re hoping to go to, I’d love to meet up with some of you in Paris on the 27th of Feb! Tickets go on sale this friday here!


Thanks again to everyone who has shown an interest in becoming a regular contributor for the site. I’m going back to uni this week and still sorting out some of the site’s pages so don’t worry if you don’t hear back from me straight away. I’ve read everything I’ve recieved so far and all I can say is it’s going to be tough making decisions here. One thing I’m sure of is no matter who we chose there will be no bad decisions made, you all seem so passionate and dedicated! I’d also like to thank Two Door for retweeting us the other day, I believe that helped bring attention to our post!

I’ll be in touch soon folks, until then let us know what gigs you plan on going to or if you’re still waiting for the band to announce some shows near you!

Talk soon hermanos & hermanas.