Competition results & my Gameshow challenge
Competition results & my Gameshow challenge avatar

Hey guys!

I didn’t post here yesterday but I was on twitter with some of you guys, sharing the Gameshow madness and magic. I’ll post about the album release later on today with your photos, some fun tweets and of course the live stream, but for now I’ve a few other things to cover.

First of all, the results of our competition!

Well, as you now know, the answer to the question was Fever. For those who missed it, the question was “You know the music you can hear in the trailer for the upcoming documentary by babysweet sessions, I saw the world today? Well, that’s a part of one of the songs off the album. All you have to do is guess what song it’s from & I’ll pick a winner at random amongst the people who get it right!”. Well, believe it or not, our lucky winner is yet again Maybrit! She was the only person to guess correctly, so she’ll be attending Two Door’s show in Alexandra Palace on the 9th of February with the person of her choice! Congratulations to Maybrit, thank you to everyone else who entered and better luck next time guys, we have plenty of fun stuff coming up on the site!









Now, I’ve got a 15 days of Gameshow challenge to finish don’t I!

7 – Opinions on Alex’s long hair?

It’s the best.

8 – What did you miss most about TDCCwhen they had their hiatus?

I missed their music of course, but I think the thing I missed the most was just knowing they were ok, healthy and happy. Not that we’re ever sure of that, I mean isn’t that what the whole Gameshow thing is about, social media and only showing what you want online, but still, news from them was always nice.

9 – Sum up the video to Are We Ready in one word.

I’m going to go with plastic. The video itself isn’t plastic at all of course, but the meaning behind that video stands out so much more than any of their other ones and the word plastic seems to sum it up for me.

10 – Sum up the video to Bad Decisions in one word.


11 – What is your favourite 2016 TDCC interview? Why?

This one because obviously.

12 – What is your favourite 2016 TDCC festival performance?

Rock en Seine, because it was amazing and beautiful and because I was there.

13 – Do you like the album cover? Why/why not?

I do, it’s simple but suits the new style. I also think it’s very recognisable and representative of the band now, I wore those colours on my cheeks at Rock en Seine during the summer and I somehow felt even more of a basement person for doing so, like it was our thing only us and the bend would understand. I don’t think there’s actually enough on it to not like it, I mean you could feel indfifferent about it but it’s that simple that there’s nothing there that would make you dislike it too much anyway.

14 – What is your favourite 2016 TDCC music video? Why?

The 360° one of Gameshow because I can’t chose between Are We Ready and Bad Decisions, because Ben and Jacob are in it and because Alex’s jumper.

15 – Tell us why you love TDCC.

They’re just wonderful people. They’re very talented and innovating musicians of course, but as people they’re kind and warm and true and that beats a good record any day. Lucky for us, Two Door can do both!

I hope that wasn’t too long and/or boring for you guys, I just haven’t been able to keep up with it every day. It’s been madness here at as you can imagine, but I’m happy I took the time to do it! Thanks again to Olivia for organising it, I hope you guys all had fun!

As I said I’ll be back later with Gameshow related news, so keep sending in your photos guys!

Talk later,