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Tim’s twitter listening parties
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Basement people!What – is – up ?!I hope you have all been staying as safe as possible during these odd times – what is the situation like in your country? What has been keeping you busy? Any Two Door related activity suggestions? Let us know on twtitter! Two things today fellow basement people.First up –…
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Hello my fellow basement people, How is everyone? I really hope you’re all well, safe, happy and healthy. For those of you in countries that had/have lockdowns – how have you been keepying yourself busy? Any Two Door related activities? I played a bit more guitar than usual (which isn’t very much), my fingers are…
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Ten years?!
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Basement peopleee, what is up? Here is a quick post I had originally written to celebrate the ten year anniversary, I would however like to start off by saying I hope you’re all as safe and as healthy as possible during these scary times. More on that down below. How is everyone? As you probably…
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Ten years of Tourist History!
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Basement peeps! Looong time, no speak! What can I say, our team have all been very busy. Though I haven’t been very active basement people wise, I have still been quite an active fan! Since my last post, I’ve seen the band twice, one at Rock en Seine in August 2019 (how has it been…
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Double birthday wishes!
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What’s uuup basement people! I’m a few days late sadly…but here it is! Late for what? For Kev’s birthday of course! Last Friday, our favourite bass play, Kevin Baird, turned 30! Happy birthday @KevinSBaird! On behalf of all the #basementpeople we wish you a fantastic day and year; keep being amazing and inspiring! ? Don’t…
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