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One week until False Alarm!
One week until False Alarm! avatar

Basement peeeeeps, what’s up?! Sorry for not being in touch over the past few days, time flies, life happens and here we are, almost a week away from False Alarm and in the middle of the bands pre-album tour ! How have you all been? Have you been to see the band since my last post?…
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The red phone explained!
The red phone explained! avatar

Basement people, my wonderful basement people! Remember that red phone in the middle of Paris a few weeks ago? Voir cette publication sur Instagram Hey #BasementPeople ๐Ÿ™Œ Today, 30th of April, fellow Parisian basement people are invited to listen to the new album #FalseAlarm 7 weeks before itโ€™s release! A mysterious โ˜Ž๏ธ can be found…
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Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s Big Weekend performance!
Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s Big Weekend performance! avatar

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Hello fellow basement people, how are you today? I am very pleased to say festival season is officially upon us, and Two Door have kicked it off in quite the fashion! (Queen of fashion? Get it? Too soon?) On Saturday the band performed in Ward Park, Bangor, alongside Snow Patrol and other amazing artists and…
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Win a trip to NYC!
Win a trip to NYC! avatar

Basement people! What – is – up? How have you been since Wednesday? You remember Wednesday right? When Two Door put on an amazing performance at Maide Vale, London as a Future Sounds session with Annie Mac? (Did you hear Annie Mac give us a shoutout last Tuesday by the way?!) Voir cette publication sur…
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Dirty Air!
Dirty Air! avatar

Basement people! Were you listening to BBC Radio 1 tonight? If so, you probably heard Two Door’s latest track off upcoming album False Alarm, Dirty Air! If you missed it, check it out now! As I’d said on yesterday’s post, we had already heard a short extract from Dirty Air ages ago, though none of…
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