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News from Wanderland
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Hola basement amigos and amigas! How is your Sunday going so far? As some of you may know, the band are currently in the Philippines for Wanderland Festival 2019! The band performed their set last night to a fantasic crowd, check it out! “We hope we get to come back soon, Manila” – @TDCinemaClub ?✨…
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Garorock and wonderful fans!
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Hello hello, fellow basement peeps! Today, a calm post, amongst a sea of Two Door teaser craziness: we have an exciting festival announcement and some quality basement people content for you! First up, Two Door have (finally?) announced another French festival! They will be playing Garorock festival in the South of France on the 30th…
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Basement friends, how are you? Have you gotten over Mondays madness? How many of you have been listening to the album teaser over and over again? The beats from the trailer remind of the beats from You’re Not Stubborn…what do you think? There has been no album updates from the band since then, who simply…
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Festival updates
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Another (satur)day, another festival! Well…festivals! The band have announced quite a few festivals since my last post, and what announcements they were! These happened via social media, in the very same way Tramlines and Summer Sonic were announed – via mysterious, funny and enlightening short videos! You will find all of them on the band’s…
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New festivals!
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Hey basement peeps! Me again! Wow you’ve heard a lot from me lately…sorry not sorry? Times are simply too overwhelming to not be constantly in touch with you! The latest Two Door news is pretty exciting – those of you following the band on social media have probably seen this, though they only announced it yesterday…
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