Alex Trimble

“The lead singer and guitarist of Two Door Cinema Club has managed to catch the eyes of most girls –and boys, maybe. Mostly because of his appealing ginger hair, melodious voice, and his lovable Northern Irish accent.” Source.

Roles: Lead vocals, Guitar, Synths

Birthday: 3rd October 1989

From: Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland

Favourite TDCC Song: What You Know

First Album: SPICE – The Spice Girls

Hobbies: Photography, Tarantino movies

Social Media: Instagram

26 thoughts on “Alex Trimble

  1. Julieanne

    I somehow new this day would come where #basementpeople would have their own website. forever loving Alex Trimble and TDCC

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  3. marisol

    Alex reminds me of my crush…….his name is Liam and they look so alike. They both have two things in common. Both of them are gingers and both of them don’t notice me.

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