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Ten years?!
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Basement peopleee, what is up?

Here is a quick post I had originally written to celebrate the ten year anniversary, I would however like to start off by saying I hope you’re all as safe and as healthy as possible during these scary times. More on that down below.

How is everyone? As you probably know, we’re now living on the other side of Tourist History’s tenth anniversary. How is this possible you ask? I wish I knew…
Did you do anything special to celebrate? Listen to the album back to front? Purchase their limited edition vinyl released for the anniversary? That’s right basement people, to mark this huge milestone, the band did something special too!

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WE CAN'T BELIEVE IT BUT TOURIST HISTORY IS 10 YEARS OLD! Every single song on that album was written in a garage in Donaghadee, County Down and the teenagers who wrote it could never have imagined the success it would have. It's been a true blessing to see these songs loved in every corner of the globe and we can't thank you enough for the support. Without you we'd still be in that garage in Donaghadee! We know that it's very hard, and very expensive, to find vinyl copies of the album so to celebrate the anniversary, we've done a limited repress of the vinyl in all its glory. We've also re-pressed onto vinyl for the very first time the remixes which dominated Indie Disco clubs across the globe in 2010. All of this is available to buy via the link in our bio. Much love, TDCC x

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Did you do any of the above, or something else? Do let us know!
Thanks to everyone who shared such a wonderful day with us on social media, did you use the hashtag #TenYearsOfTouristHistory? Keep using it if you have memories you’d like to share with us!
Do you have any Two Door gigs coming up? Perhaps some of your upcoming events have been affected by the Coronavirus? As annoying as this may be, right now it’s important that everyone stay safe and do whatever your local authorities recommend. Two Door themselves have even given a bit of advice, courtesy of @TDCCshitpost!

Whatever events etc. you have coming, stay safe and healthy my basement peeps!

If you didn’t get around to celebrating the album anniversary, perhaps now is a good time to catch up? You could also catch up on other albums you’ve been wanting to listen to, books you want to read, films you want to see…how about we also use these very odd times to come closer as a community, be it us basement people or your local communities. Look after yourselves and the people close to you, be it your family, your friends, your neighbours. Stay connected as much as possible, don’t leave anyone behind, and together we will get through this basement people! If you have any Two Door related activities going to keep yourselves busy, do share, we need something to smile and laugh about right now!

Thanks my peeps, talk soon!
Love, Saoirse