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A big red button!
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Basement people, todays news is huge! The mystery of the billboard shared last night by instagram user Giacobara is no more! The band have just shared the most amazing video! Check it out an let us know what you think! The link sends to this page. The band have also changed their social media with…
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A mysterious billboard
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Hey there basement peeps. Only a few hours after Two Door’s latest update (this one) a mysterious picture has appeared online… Voir cette publication sur Instagram Two doors Cinema Club #twodoorcinemaclub #music #billboard Une publication partagée par Taking Pictures Of Everything (@giacobara) le 11 Mars 2019 à 10 :46 PDT It seems fitting, considering the bands…
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Don’t panic!
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As promised folks, tonights post! By now you’ve probably all seen Two Door’s latest update, that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it together though! Earlier on today, the band shared this: What do you make of this? The whole thing looks very much like their “This is not a drill” post, though this last one…
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Who’s ready?
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Hi again basement people! We got our crystal ball Sam during the week, meaning the 6pm GMT Sunday slot was free for a different kind of update, and once again, Two Door did not dissapoint. Check out their latest teaser! What do we think of the aesthetic so far? What about the caption? Whatever that…
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News from Wanderland
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Hola basement amigos and amigas! How is your Sunday going so far? As some of you may know, the band are currently in the Philippines for Wanderland Festival 2019! The band performed their set last night to a fantasic crowd, check it out! “We hope we get to come back soon, Manila” – @TDCinemaClub 🔮✨…
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