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Two new tours!
Two new tours! avatar

Basement people of the world, and more specifically of North America, Ireland, and Northern Ireland… Your time has come! After teasing us on Sunday and Monday, the band announced a North American tour yesterday and an Irish/Northern Irish one earlier on today! As with the bands UK tour, exclusive pre-sale codes for access tickets for…
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Two Door discuss False Alarm!
Two Door discuss False Alarm! avatar

Basement people of the world! After hearing new singles Talk and Satellite, how about we kind of sort of hear what the band have to say about this new chapter? We got a sneak peak with Desiree’s wonderul interview, though this was done at a time where the band couldn’t say much. The band have…
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UK Tour, a red parisian phone and more!
UK Tour, a red parisian phone and more! avatar

Hello my beautiful basement people, how was your weekend? Did you take some time off to listen to Satellite over and over again? How do you feel about it now? As I said in my last post, I was simply lost for words after the bands facebook live stream and so I needed a few…
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Satellite, False Alarm and so much more.
Satellite, False Alarm and so much more. avatar

Hello again my basement people, Tonight was without a doubt my worst “live tweet” session ever. Here is my single tweet: I’m lost for words #basementpeople. — #basementpeople (@Basement_people) 24 avril 2019 There are and will never be enough words in the world, or in the universe, to describe my love and admiration for Two…
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New single – Satellite!
New single – Satellite! avatar

Hello my wonderful beautiful amazing basement peeps! I’ve so much news to catch up with, but right now, with less than ten minutes to go, I must share with you this amazing news: TOMORROW. 4:45PM BST. ❌🚨 https://t.co/8tWdQSkuvh pic.twitter.com/jesrgqjWZ8 — Two Door Cinema Club (@TDCinemaClub) 23 avril 2019 You heard the boys: Tune in on…
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