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Basement friends, how are you?

Have you gotten over Mondays madness? How many of you have been listening to the album teaser over and over again? The beats from the trailer remind of the beats from You’re Not Stubborn…what do you think?
There has been no album updates from the band since then, who simply dropped the trailer and let us at it! Have you figured about when the album will be released? Here’s a quick shoutout to Indie Shuffle for their shoutout! Thank you fellow indie lovers!

Now, as you may know, Two Door are currently in India as they are playing VH1 Super Sonic tomorrow! Will you be there? Let us know!

I can’t wait to see photos and videos from this event, it looks likes it’s going to be pretty amazing! If you are going, do feel free to share your content with us!
So far, we have been blessed with some of Jacob’s unfortunate adventures and this wonderful photo of Sam. Let’s hope there are more to come!

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Valentine’s Day came a day late in India ☺️

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Before I go, I have a quick favour to ask! I’m currently looking to get in touch with other fan communities/fansites similar to ours, so if you run/follow/know of any, please let me know!

Have a great weekend basement peeps, talk soon!