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Watch Two Door in the Live Lounge!
Watch Two Door in the Live Lounge! avatar

Hey guys! As you know, Two Door were in the Live Lounge this morning. How incredible do @TDCinemaClub sound? Listen to the second part of their Live Lounge performance here ? — BBC Radio 1 (@BBCR1) 18 October 2016 They started off with a performance of Bad Decisions: They then performed a fantastic…
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The basement people & Gameshow
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Hey guys, What a weekend it has been for us basement people! How many of you have listented to the album about a hundred times by now? Do you feel any different about it now that you’ve had a bit of time with it? I think Good Morning, a tracked I enjoyed but that wasn’t…
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Facebook live stream & Gameshow reviews.
Facebook live stream & Gameshow reviews. avatar

Basement people! I know I said I’d post this yesterday, but you guys are used to me being a bit late on things now right? Anyway, I’m here now with plenty of Gameshow related things to share with you! First of all, the live stream! For those of you who didn’t know, on the 14th…
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My thoughts on Gameshow.
My thoughts on Gameshow. avatar

Gameshow! What an album. I can finally discuss it. I first heard the whole thing just over a week ago, and though it feels like it was only yesterday because the songs still sound so new (only having heard the studio versions once, well a few times now) it also feels like it was aaages…
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UK tour announcement – tomorrow at 10am!
UK tour announcement – tomorrow at 10am! avatar

Basement people of the UK (and possibily Ireland), only a few more hours until Two Door finally announce their UK tour! The much anticipated UK tour will be announced tomorrow morning at 10am GMT! I’ll be online of course, waiting for the big news but also for your reactions! So many of you have been…
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