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Gameshow is how old?
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Hey there basement people!

Don’t ask me how…but Gameshow is two years old today!

Just over two years ago I flew to London to listen to the whole thing at Prolifica Management’s office, just over two years ago we had a Two Door listening party and two years ago today so many of us had our own physical copy to love and cherish until the end of time. How time flies!


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Baby Gameshow is 2 years old today. Happy birthday 🎂

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What’s your favourite Gameshow related memory? Favourite track? Favourite live track? Track you wish they’d play live? So many questions! Send us in your thoughts on twitter!

If, like me, you’re feeling quite nostalgic, join me in a trip down memory lane and checkout some of our posts from two years ago!
Here is my Gameshow & what to expect post in which I discuss my trip to London, here are my thoughts on Gameshow which I could finally discuss after the official release of the album and here is some of you guys with your copies of the record!

In other news the band has announced yet another festival for next year!


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Philippines! We’ve got unfinished business! Can’t wait to see you at @wanderlandfest next year 🧙‍♂️

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Anyone in the Philippines hoping to go this? What other festivals are you hoping the band will play? All I can say is many surprises await us basement peeps!

Keep being the best, I’ll be in touch real soon.

Much love,

Birthday boiii
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Hola basement peeps!

As some of you will know, today marks Alex Trimble’s birthday! We were pretty late wishing Kev, Sam and Ben their birthdays, luckily enough we had Alex’s one to (hopefully) make up for that!
(Does anyone know when Jacob’s birthday is?)

And so, on behalf of the basement people community I’d like to wish our favourite frontman a very happy birthday! We’re still waiting for the instagram montage, in the meantime here is Ben’s instragram story!
What a suit…and what a cake!

Having said that, it’s not as if the band have been completely inactive on instagram today.. They announced just a few hours ago a festival for next summer! Wow guys, I’m only getting over 2018’s festival season!

It’s probably a bit soon to ask…but who is hoping to go to this? Notice the band said “all the new gems”. How exciting?! Though I do hope we’ll get to hear something new before may..

UPDATE: The band have shared a birthday post on instagram! It’s sadly not a montage, it is however a beautiful photo of him during a live show!

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Happy Birthday Alex!

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How about you send us in a birthday montage? It’s well known the basement people are a creative bunch… Send us in your work!

That’s all from me today guys, keep in touch in twitter, we love hearing from you, and until next time, keep being fab!

Much love,

Fête du bruit for Beacon’s six year anniversary!
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Sup basement amigos and amigas?

As you know, I saw Two Door just over two weeks ago at the Fête du Bruit festival in Brittany. Needless to say it was quite the night and so nice to see them again!
The band didn’t have their new light show with them, and though at first I was dissapointed it turned out to be quite nice as there was something quite cosy and humble about the whole thing, it reminded me of their early shows. I am however quite confused as to why they’re not playing more of Gameshow – any ideas?

Anyway, here’s a photo I took during Sun (I think), their closing song, and a photo of myself (middle) along with my fellow basement friends, at the front row (obvs).

In other news…Beacon was six years old yesterday? Whaaat?
What are your memories of it’s release? I remember it being leaked, Alex’s beautiful post on tumblr, not listening to it yet knowing so many people had heard it, and listening to it on their website around a week before it came out. What’s your favourite song(s) off Beacon? Mine are Handshake and Sleep Alone!

On Beacon’s 6 year anniversary, let’s take a look back at some of the groundbreaking sonic moments

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Finally, as I pointed out in my previous post, the band have some new sweet merch!

You can now get your hands on these bad boys from our collab with @babakganjei 👉 link in bio

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Have you bought anything new from their site recently? I was thinking of getting a t-shirt at the festival two weeks ago but didn’t actually see any at the merch tent! Oh well…next time!

I hope you’re all well, for those going back to school this month I hope it goes well, you’ll do fab I just know it. Keep in touch with us on twitter! Until next time.

Much love,

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Hey basement people!

How is everyone? Just a quick post to draw your attention to some fab new merch on the bands’ website.

Do any of you have any of these? If not are you planning on purchasing any of them? All the bands merch is here. What Two Door merch do you have?
I have two t-shirts from the Tourist History era, a red one my mum bought for me late 2010/early 2011, a black one (the one with the cat!) that I bought at a gig in Dublin in March 2011 and a Beacon one I got at a festival in Lorient back in 2012. I also have a tote bag my mum got for me but I can’t remember when that happened! I’m yet to buy a Gameshow t-shirt. I’ve seen lots of your ones all over the basement people internet and you guys look good. What about hoodies and beanie hats, do any of you have some of those?

That’s all for today guys, I’m off to see the band at la Fête du Bruit in Landerneau tonight! Is anyone coming? Let me know on twitter and we can meet up!
In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Maybrit’s post on Community Festival!

Talk soon hermanos and hermanas!

Much love,

The Basement People are back!
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Hiii guuuys!

How is everyone?! It’s been quite a while! What can I say, so far it’s been one of those years. Times flies, life happens…and somehow you’ve so much Two Door news to catch up on! You know how it is, am I right basement people?
You also may have noticed we had some technical issues with the website, luckily enough we’re all good again and back in business! Let’s get this started!

So! Where to start? Olivia has already covered a bit of summer 2018 here. As much as I’d love to cover Community Festival I saddenly couldn’t make it, however Olivia and Maybrit were both there, met up (amaziiing) and had the time of their lives! You can expect a post from them preeetty soon, in the meantime I can always dream…

We’ve also missed a few birthdays, though we did cover Sam and Kev’s via twitter. A huge (and belated) happy birthday to the wonderful Sam Halliday, the amazing Kevin Baird anf of course the one and only Ben Thompson! We hope you all had the best birthdays and wish you all the best for yet another year!

(Who else is looking forward to an Alex montage?)

And finally, the big news we’ve all been waiting for since Gameshow..

Yup, you read that correctly. The boys are back in town! What does that mean you ask? Well, it seems to me that the boys are about to drop a new album.

The boys recently announced that album number four will be finished next month! Though it won’t be out for a while according to Alex, it’s still definitely something to looking forward to! It’s hard to know what to expect now, with such a difference between Beacon and Gameshow.. Will they do something along the lines of Gameshow, something completely different?! Do let us know what you think on twitter!

On a more personnal note, I’ll be seeing the band in less than two weeks at Fête du Bruit in Landerneau, any fellow basement folks going? Let me know!

I’m off for now but will definitely be in touch soon, if not with some exciting news about the new record, some photos from my own upcoming Two Door adventure:

Talk soon basement peeps!

Much love,