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A basement people project
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Calling all my fellow basement people around the world!

We have teamed up with the wonderful TDCCBrasil and are hoping to team up with other fanpages to help promote this idea we had to bring us even closer together as a community, and closer to the band! If you run a Two Door fan page, be it on facebook, twitter, instagram or somewhere else, please get in touch, we could do with your support!

As massive Two Door fans, we too want to help promote the new single and album. Sadly, we don’t have the means for interactive billboards and phone boxes, however we do have some of the most passionate, talented and creative people I know (if you don’t know what I mean I suggest you check out our Made in the Basement section now)! And so we have decided to create our very own promotion, with your help!

What we need you to do is send us in your best Two Door billboard pics. To do so, you can go to a billboard and take a photo of yourself there, like this guy (does anyone know who he is btw, asking for a friend):












You can also send us a pic of yourself with some of the digital content the app has to offer such as this filter:








Finally, for you basement people who don’t live near any physical or digital landmarks such as myself, just get creative! You can for instance take a photo of yourself next to a fire extinguisher, or print out some of the bands new artwork and make your very own miniature billboard! I have no examples to share as of yet but will be sure to upload some soon!

It would mean a lot to us if as many of you as possible got involved in this! We love sharing news with you but as I said the other night, the best part of running a fansite is sharing such fantastic moments with you guys!

If you run a fanpage, please share our post/game, and if you’re a basement person, please get involved! Send us your photos via twitter, via the bands Basement People – Official Facebook Group or via your local fan page such as TDCCBrasil who will then forward them to us so we can share them all!

I look forward to seeing you amazing content basement peeps!

Talk soon,

An intimiate London headline show
An intimiate London headline show avatar

Hello basement people!

A few hours ago the band announced an absolutely amazing event.

All I can say is the people who are lucky enough to get tickets for this are in for a right treat!

The band will be joined by fellow Prolifica bands Anteros and Circa Waves who will be supporting Two Door. Let us know if you’re hoping to attend this once in a lifetime event on twitter!

So exciting. Speaking of Circa Waves, you may remember me mentionning their very own special and intimate event with a guest appearance from none other than Alex Trimble! Were you there? Do you have any stories/photos/videos to share? Get in touch!

In the meantime, here is a video from Reading 2017 where Alex joined the band on stage for their song Fire That Burns. You may have seen this before, but I don’t think we’ve ever shared on, so enjoy it!

Talk soon my friends.

Much love,

Annie Mac’s Hottest Record – Talk!
Annie Mac’s Hottest Record – Talk! avatar

Basement people, my beautiful, wonderful, magical fellow basement people…

What a show! I honestly don’t know where to start!

It was such a good evening, I had so much fun! Before the band came on some of us shared some of our Two Door style:

What about that tattoo basement people?!

I shared my outfit of the evening…

And some of you sent me yours!

What an amazing community!

We got a shoutout after less than 20 minutes with Annie Mac mentionning the basement people, the band were there and sounded so happy to be releasing something new into the world with Alex simply saying “Enjoy it!” before Talk was played for the very first time!

Based on my interactions with you guys on twitter I think it’s fair to say we did enjoy it!

What did you think of the song basement people? Did it live up to your expectations?

If you didn’t hear it live, check it out NOW!

I usually try not to have too many expectations with new releases, just in case…especially when it comes to Two Door, what if I actually didn’t like something they put out? Not to worry, they once again lived up to every single one of my hopes and dreams, and so much more, the song is simply amazing! Those drums, that bass, the deep backing vocals and so much more! As a fellow basement friend of mine just pointed out, if the album is anything like Talk we’re in for a right treat! I feel like they’re still trying new things though they sound a lot more comfortable and mature than Gameshow! They’re Two Door Cinema Club and they’re here to stay!
The whole thing was so exciting, with the band being there, discussing this new era and sounding so happy and proud. As always though my favourite part of the evening was sharing this with you guys! You were amazing! As I said, we got a shoutout after less than 20 minutes of the show, we gained so many new followers and my twitter pretty much blew up.
Best – fanbase – ever!

Let us know what you think of the song on twitter basement people. Here’s a quick shoutout to all of the fans who couldn’t listen to track live (different time zones, work or other), we’ve got your back, listen to it asap and let us know how you feel about it when you’re ready! I can’t wait to hear from you! I’ll be back real soon, probably tomorrow, to discuss this more with you! Until then, keep being amazing!

So much Two Door love,

Two Door CInema Club’s New Single!
Two Door CInema Club’s New Single! avatar

Basement people! Today is the the day, the one we’ve been waiting for for so long, espcially since the band starting teasing new material just over a month ago… If you follow the band on social media, you must have seen their latest clips, sending us fans into a whirlwind of emotions!

I was sadly unable to post over the weekend, so here are the bands most recent updates, all very exciting and slowly building up to tonight!

Friday evening we got this fantastic clip:

A very short clip of our three favourite musicians…what more could we ask for? (Did I hear someone say “A NEW SONG, A NEW VIDEO, A NEW ALBUM“? Anyone?) And that voice… #TalkthatTalk. It may be a short clip but as these are the first clear vocals we’ve had so far I think it’s safe to say they were 6 very exciting seconds! What do you think?

Just under 24 hours ago we got yet another clip:

I feel like this tweet sums up my thoughts:

Did you see it too?!

Finally, earlier on today, we got one final clip:

I am beyond excited.

I will as usual be live tweeting during the show so make sure to give us a follow, tag us in your Two Door related tweets and don’t forget our hashtags #basementpeople and of course #TalkthatTalk! I’ve been asking around social media and a good few of you are up for trying to get a live mention tonight! We’ve been mentionned a few times before on BBC Radio 1 so I think it’s definitely worth a shot! Who is with me?! Get tweeting #basementpeople!

In other news, Two Door’s fellow Prolifica buddies Circa Waves are hosting a special event tomorrow night at The Monarch bar in London and will be joined by our very own Alex Trimble, along with some other fantastic guests! If you get to go to this…do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

So exciting.

Don’t forget basement people, tune into BBC Radio 1 tonight from 7pm GMT onwards to listen to Annie Mac’s Hottest Record and finally hear Two Door Cinema Club’s new single, Talk! I’ll be on twitter throughout the whole thing as I said to get in touch! I cannot wait to share yet another amazing Two Door moment with you all!

Much love,