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Tales from a parisian basement
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Basement people of the world hello!

As promised, I’m back with my very own tale from the basement. As you may know, I saw Two Door in Paris last Monday. It was a pretty big one for me, as it was my tenth time seeing them and my first proper Two Door gig (as in not a festival performance) in about three years. Finally, it was my first post Gameshow gig, so needless to say I was really looking forward to the whole thing.

The show was amazing, as usual. It was in the Casino de Paris, which I had never been to – what a wonderful place. The room itself was beautiful, and we were so so close to stage as there were no barriers.
The two first acts, Parcels and Blaenavon, were really good, I especially liked Parcels who really put us in the mood for what was to come. At last, Two Door arrived, and they were as fantastic as always. It was so nice to see them again, at their own show. They played Lavender, and anyone who follows this site on regular basis will know I have a bit of a thing with that song – boyband vibes much? Sadly, they did not have a dance routine prepared, it was still amazing though. At one point I actually thought it could be my new favourite Two Door song.. There’s just so many layers to it! The minute they started Something Good Can Work however I knew that no song could ever replace that one, it’s just too special and holds so many memories. Lavender may be second though, replacing Sleep Alone..ahhh decisions, and after all, why chose?!
I must say I was a bit disappointed by the set list, only five tracks off the new album including Are We Ready? (Wreck), Bad Decisions and Gameshow that they’ve been playing for months already. I understand that they want to keep playing some of the older songs, because they love them, because we love them and because they’re the songs that brought them their fans in the first place, but this is their new album tour, so I did hope we’d get to hear a bit more of it.. Even just Je Viens De Là, as it was a french show. Oh well, I’m sure they have their reasons. I do hope they start playing more of the new album soon though, because I wasn’t the only one hoping for some more recent tracks.

After the show myself and a few fellow basement people waited for the band, that sadly didn’t appear. I can imagine how tired they must be after a show of course, but I was really hoping to meet them this time, as you guys probably know, as I mentioned this in my previous post. The whole experience was very overwhelming – it’s quite obvious they’ve moved on to be a bigger and greater band. I do hope to get talking to them soon though. A big thank you to all the people who tweeted the band/retweeted @Basement_people that night asking them to come out, you guys are the best.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention all the lovely people I met at the show: The passionate girl who had been waiting since 9 in the morning, the lovely girls who had come all the way from Russia to see the band, the kind people who kept me a spot up front as I was delayed going in, my good friend Emma who I’ve been online friends with for pretty much seven years but had never met until last week, my “real life” friends who were delighted to finally see the band I’ve been talking about for years, and pretty much everyone who made the night such a wonderful one. No matter how much I love live music, a lot of my favourite memories are the ones shared with fellow fans, outside the venue before or after a show, inside and up at the front checking our watches every minute, sharing our own stories.. So thank you to everyone who came and made that night what it was.

Here is a picture of Emma, her friend and myself. It was so nice to finally meet her after so long – though I must say it didn’t feel like we’d never met!



To finish this post, a short tale from the basement by one of the lovely people I met at the show. It was his seventeenth time seeing the band…his seventeenth time! I need to step up basement people.. 

I discovered them around summer 2010 and have been hooked seen then by the energy of their music and its evolution to this 3rd álbum after the “break”. I hope they stick together giving us great music.

I finally get to see them live for the first time in Rouen (France) at the 106 in november 2012 and last Monday was my 17th gig. My highlights could be mostly by the venues and cities, New Orleans, Nashville, O2 London and Sonar Barcelona as they always deliver a great show. They simply make me happy and leave in a good mood; I hope to enjoy them many more years, next stop festival Cruilla in july, Barcelona.

I also started to colect ítems like this:







Hope to see you on tour Someday!  Good morning!

A fan.

Thank you to our secret basement person for this lovely story, thank you to the band for another fantastic performance, and thank you basement people for making every single Two Door experience unique!

Stay tuned for some news from Maybrit who was lucky enough to go the bands final European show, until then keep well!

Much love,

Paris here I come + basement people bios.
Paris here I come + basement people bios. avatar

Hey guys!

How is everyone? How did you enjoy the bands UK tour? We’ve heard some fantastic stories from Olivia and Maybrit, Ellie’s is yet to come, and all I can say is it sounded amazing. I’m delighted so many of you had such a good time, if you’d like to submit your story get in touch with Ellie!

Now, you guys have had your fun, now it’s Europe’s turn! Two Door kick off their European tour tomorrow night in Brussels, and will be in Paris on the 27th! I cannot wait to see them again, this time will be my 10th time seeing them, so it’s a pretty big one! Also, though I’ve seen them twice in the past year I haven’t had the chance to talk with them this time around (though I did meet up with Ben last August, thanks Ben!). Who else is going? Get – in – touch. I’d love to meet up with some of you!

Speaking of France, the band recently announced La Nuit de L’Erdre festival! They will be playing there on July the first, and needless to say I will be there!

What about “some more French news” guys? We can’t wait to hear what the band are going to announce!

In other news, the girls and myself have put together a little something to help you guys get to know who is who on the site. Introducing the basement people team bio pages!

BP team


We put together (and by we I mean 80% Maybrit) a few little things to create these pages, along the lines of the ones the boys already have, so you guys can get to know us, and know who to contact depending on what you want and need! We had a lot of fun creating them, and no doubt we will add some more fun information to them in the next few weeks! If there’s anything you think we should add do them, do let us know!

See you basement people de France real soon, and to everyone else: keep being faaabulous.

Talk soon hermanos & hermanas!

UK tour starts tonight!
UK tour starts tonight! avatar

Hey guys!

How has 2017 been treating you all so far? The band have ended their first tour of the year after what seemed like a fantastic few gigs in Asia, and are kicking off their UK tour tonight! So many of you have been waiting for this one, well, it’s upon us at last!


It’s going to be amazing guys. So many shows, and practically all sold out! You basement people are craaazyyy.
So, who is going to see them and where? Have you planned on meeting up with some fellow basement people? I sadly won’t be going to any of these shows, but our very own Ellie will be! The lucky duck is going to tonight’s show at the O2 in Birmingham! If you see her, go say hi! I’ll see you basement people de France on the 27th of February in Paris! I’m so looking forward to that, and I’m not seeing them for another month! I can’t imagine how you guys must feel. The band seem pretty ready anyway:


Looking forward to kicking off the UK tour in just a few days! Birmingham, you’re up first. ?

Une photo publiée par Two Door Cinema Club (@twodoorcinemaclub) le

To make the whole thing that be more special, only a few hours ago the band announced something pretty exciting, check it out:

I know for a fact that you guys are such a talented bunch of people, so get involved guys! Best of luck to all, and if you do win a photo pass let me know will you, I’d love to hear from you and share your experience on the site!

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to see the boys, be it in the UK or somewhere else. Keep us updated on our everything goes for you guys, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Talk soon,

2017! avatar

Hey guys!

First of all I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year on behalf of all at, we hope that you had a nice month of December and that 2017 will bring you everything you hope for! We’d also like to thank Two Door for the magic they brought to 2016, and wish them everything they deserve for 2017.
On a more personnal note I’d like to thank our new team members, Maybrit, Olivia and Ellie who joined us in 2016, for their love of the band, their enthusiasm towards the site and all the hard work they’ve put into to making this fan site the beautiful and friendly place it is. I’d also like to thank Joe and Alexa for everything they’ve done for the band and the site over the last year, or should I last last few years!

Now, back to business. I’m sure seeing the band live is amongst the many things you guys hope for in life, and luckily enough they’re on the road again!

As you know, the band had been touring before Christmas, promoting their new album. Well, after a well deserved break, they’re back on tour. Their first gig of the year is happening tonight in Seoul! I’m sure the band were pretty excited as things were, but some of you guys shared your amazing love and talent with the band, and I can only imagine how they feel now!


Thanks for the awesome presents basement people! Korea FTW

Une photo publiée par Two Door Cinema Club (@twodoorcinemaclub) le

How amazing is this?! I mean look at that cake! Such perfection. As for the book, you can see a little bit of what’s inside it in one of Kevin’s latest Instagram stories. Can I just say it really is surreal to see how big the basement people fan base is, and how something that only started out as a fun idea is now being used on the other side of the planet?! To whoever made these beautiful gifts: Thank you!

The band have a few more dates in Asia before heading back to the UK for a pretty big tour that starts at the end of this month! Then they’re playing a few shows in Europe (Paris, anyone?). After that they’re playing some festivals pretty much all around the world, no doubt they’ll be annoucing more of those soon enough! Let us know what gigs you’re going to and once you’ve been do send in your stories/photos for the site!

Now, just a quick word on the documentary: What did you guys think of it? For those of you who missed it, the bands documentary “I Saw The World Today” by Babysweet Sessions was premiered on the 16th of December last year, and is now available to watch online:

I really enjoyed it, there’s something so familiar about hearing them talk about their work, though I must say I was expecting something a little bit longer, after all they had released quite a few short clips from it. But hey, it was still beautiful to watch and listen to as well as being very enlightening. Let us know what you guys thought on twitter!

I’ll be touch soon, until such time stay well, basement folk!

Much love,

Two Door Documentary!
Two Door Documentary! avatar

How is everyone? I haven’t been on in a while! For those who celebrate Christmas, are you guys looking forward to it? Here’s a gift idea: This band called Two Door Cinema Club released an amazing third album called Gameshow back in October. I’m sure everyone you know already owns it but hey, you never know!
How about you guys send in some Christmas themed Two Door art work? You guys are so talented I’m pretty sure you could create anything! If you’d like to share something for the site, get in touch with Olivia!

Now, for the big news.. As anyone who follows Two Door on social media will know, the band have recorded a new documentary with the very talented babysweet sessions. They’ve released quite a few short extracts of it in which they discuss various topics, which have made us very excited for what was and is to come (the trailer was released weeks before Gameshow was released!).
Well, I’m delighted to say that I Saw The World Today is being! (Can I say finally?)

I’ve been waiting for this almost as much as I’d been waiting for the album. I love Gameshow and couldn’t wait to hear the bands new material, but seeing them, hearing them discuss where this record came from is so important, as I truly believe that who they are as people is more important than who they are as musicians. It’s these wonderful people who bring us wonderful music, after all.
Anyway! To finally see I Saw The World Today, here’s what you need to do:

The documentary premiers at 5pm GMT, so be there basement people!

Talk lateeer!