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Made in the Basement Covers featuring Adrian and Jeremy
Made in the Basement Covers featuring Adrian and Jeremy avatar

Hi Basement People,

Lately we have been mentioning our Made in the Basement page, such as the wonderful fan art you guys have been submitting! Thanks so much again to everyone who sent in you work! You can view all of the art here, and if you want to send in your work please contact us.

Moving on, I’ve seen many Two Door covers online recently, and we would love to feature them on Made in the Basement! For example, Adrian and Jeremy have been running an amazing YouTube channel for the past three years, and regularly post videos ranging from TDCC covers to tutorials and live streams. They are so talented and passionate about the band and it’s great to see.

Adrian was kind enough to talk a little more about what his and Jeremy’s work:

“Jeremy and I have been on YouTube since 2013 and we would cover our favourite bands off camera and decided to cover all of Two Doors songs when we saw that very few songs of theirs were covered. I knew that from the start our goal would be to share our love for the band by playing their songs and dedicate a channel to them so they can hopefully see it one day, all while building a small fan base for ourselves. We completed covering all of TDCC’s songs and moved to covering other bands like Last Dinosaurs, Foals, and Phoenix, which gave our viewers something to watch while Gameshow was being created. Now we have started covering some of the new songs off the album, most recently being “Bad Decisions”. Unfortunately, YouTube has made it difficult for us now to post covers due to copyright issues but we will continue to try our best to post them since this is our passion and we love to share it with everyone. I have recently joined a band and will be posting our own music on the channel towards the beginning of the year as well. We are so thankful for all of the support throughout the years and I cannot wait to show everyone what we have in store next. Big shout out to the basement people for reaching out to us and sharing our channel, we welcome any new subscribers and hope you enjoy all the Two Door covers :)” 

What they do is amazing so you should definitely check their YouTube channel out! Here’s their beautiful cover of Bad Decisions:

Jeremy also filmed this fantastic tutorial of Are We Ready? (Wreck):

Here’s also their cover of Cigarettes in the Theatre, one of my personal favourites!


We would absolutely love to hear some of your TDCC covers. Contact us or get in touch with me though Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Email if you want to submit your work and we will put it on our Made in the Basement Fan Covers page. All of your music will be greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to Jeremy and Adrian for letting me featuring them on the site.

Talk soon, and I’m looking forward to your submissions!



Your Fan Art
Your Fan Art avatar

Hello everyone,
For a while we have been working on updating our site, and one aspect of that is the Made In The Basement section.
Over these last few days we have received some beautiful Fan Art from some of you guys and wanted to show it to you all! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted their work though Instagram, Twitter, email and Tumblr. You are all such a talented bunch, so you should definitely check the page out.

Here is some of the wonderful work you guys submitted!


Some lyric art of What You Know by Mark Mallinson, we love it!


Alex by Forgetfuldisarray_art. She is incredibly talented for her age, so follow her Instagram page here to see more of her work.


Here’s some lovely digital art by Chris! We had to include the drawing of Sam in a dinosaur onesie too, it’s so cute. They also run a TDCC fan account on Instagram, follow here.


Lillifir sent us three watercolour portraits of Two Door, including this one of Kevin. They are all so pretty, thanks for sharing!


Aberdeen2024/nothingbuttwodoors  submitted nail art to us, including this one of Alex. The detail is amazing, she is very talented.


Here’s some more digital art by Bruce. We love the style of it, thanks for submitting!


Isoro-art and Bruce also collaborated to make this masterpieceBruce sketched it, and Isoro-art coloured it.

Sam by Felix

Felix submitted this lovely digital art of Sam! It makes us as happy as he is there.


Wonderful inked and digital art by Holly, the detail is fantastic! Support her on Talenthouse and Facebook.


I (Olivia) also submitted some work, hopefully it’s up to standard!

Again, thanks so much to everyone who submitted their work. It’s a privilege to have your art on the site.

If you’d like to share your work on the site, contact Olivia via twitter or instagram! You can share art work, a video, a cover.. If you’d like to share a photo of yourself for our “Basement People and the Band” or “The Basement People” sections you’ll also need to contact Olivia, you can’t upload directly to the site!
Talk soon,
Maybrit & Olivia.

Europe Tour Updates
Europe Tour Updates avatar

Hi basement people,

TDCC announced on Twitter today that they will be playing in Utrecht, the Netherlands on the 28th of February. Tickets will be on sale this Friday!

Two Door also announced that Blaenavon and Parcels will be the supporting acts for their Europe tour too. Here’s some of their music you can check out:

That’s all the news for now! As Saoirse mentioned her last post, we’ve almost finished updating the site thanks to her and Maybrit’s work! The only pages which now need updating is the band member’s bios. If any of you are interested in doing this, don’t hesitate contacting us! Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Take care,