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Two Door in 2018
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The boys are back!

In the run-up towards their headlining of Community festival on July 1st, Two Door has hit the road this month to France, Germany and Spain at Hurricane, Southside, Solidays, and O Son do Camiño festival, and are loving it!

The band also revealed on Saturday they are releasing limited edition Community festival merchandise, in collaboration with talented artist Babak Ganjei! I’ve seen no merch like it before, but I absolutely love it!


Meanwhile, an article by Digital Spy drops hints about Two Door’s future album, with Alex saying that there will be “interesting collaborations”, so exciting!

If you have subscribed to the band, you may have heard that Basement People are now official on Facebook! They also wrote a beautiful description for the group too, showing their recognition:

“Basement People. Assemble.

Over the years we’ve heard stories from you, about new friends you’ve made at one of our shows or in our beautiful little online community. It made us think, “Holy sh*t, that’s awesome! How can we help!?”

So we thought, we need a place where we can chat gig memories, see amazing fan art, look at your gig photos and everything in between!

You guys are on the frontline in the battle for Two Door domination, and that means the world to us. As a thank you we’ll keep you buttered up with exclusive things, news and behind the scenes goodies.

General rules apply, i.e. don’t be a dick, be kind and remember no one is better than you, you’re not better than anyone else.

Simple, right? Those rules also translate well in real life (see, already sharing the wisdom).

Basement People enjoy Basement People

Alex, Kev & Sam x

Also, recent interviews with the band hint that new music alongside some ‘interesting collaborations’ that may be debuted at Community Festival!”

It’s a fantastic group, which is really active and kind! Click here if you want to join.

Maybrit and I will be going to Community festival, hope to see some of you guys there!


Festivals, Music Videos, Shibashi and the Little Princess Trust
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Hi everyone,

Alex, Sam, and Kevin have been up to a lot inside and outside of the band!

Firstly, Two Door has announced that they will be headlining Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire and playing at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta on their US tour.

The band has also released a live version of Bad Decisions at Alexandra Place in February this year. It’s worth checking out!

Outside of the band, Sam, Kevin, and his two brothers have collaborated to create Shibashi! In their first and only single released presently, Salvation, Sam is the lead vocalist and definitely has a hidden talent singing! If you are a big fan of Sam and Kevin’s previous collaborations, such as Golden Viens in the Changing of the Seasons EP, Shibashi is made for you. The music video, single artwork and logo features gorgeous work by Lisa Magee.

Alex has been making some changes too! Laura Hayden (Anteros) unveiled on her instagram story that he no longer has his long ginger hair!

Bald Trimble

Alex later revealed that he donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity which ‘provides real hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.’

View this post on Instagram

I've donated my hair to @littleprincesstrustcharity

A post shared by Alex J. Trimble (@elbmirtjxela) on

Alex has been incredibly selfless and kind to do this, so I urge you to post a comment on his Instagram to show your respect! His beautiful ginger locks will be missed, but its great to know where his hair is going.

Talk soon,


TDCC concert review and Updates
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Hey Basement People,

As many of you may know, I saw Two Door Cinema Club in Southampton earlier this week and needless to say, it was truly amazing! I’m going to share my experience of seeing the band for the first stime, get ready for some poor camera skills but outstanding content quality. ?

Before I start writing an incredibly long and detailed description of the concert, I would recommend any Mexican TDCC fans to check out this amazing Facebook fanpage!

First of all, I was lucky enough to get the prime spot of the concert – the center barrier! Definitely worth waiting in line, in the rain for 2 hours. Whilst I was waiting, I met up with Sara, a lovely Basement Person who had queued for 3 hours and kept me company. You can see her (on the right, wearing black) and me (wearing the stripey turtleneck) in the photo below.

02 superfans ft me and gwens scary faces

The first support band to perform was Anteros. The lead singer of Anteros kept reaching her hand out to me and it was honestly the best, she even replied to my tweet about it, thank you Laura!

Anteros were truly fantastic live, and I strongly recommend you listen to their music! Here’s one of my favourite songs by them:

Next up was Sundara Karma!


The crowd got really excited, which I wasn’t not surprised with as the angelic Oscar Lulu was a couple meters away from me! Several songs, a lot of moshing, a few of crowd-surfers and unconscious fans dragged out of the venue later, the band ended their performance with their single ‘Loveblood‘.


The security guards thankfully gave everyone some time to drink water, cool down and mentally prepare for Two Door. Since a lot of people were moshing and pushing each other around, most of the Basement People I knew were no longer beside me at the barrier, and I worried as I thought that no one would want to help me hold my banner. Thankfully everyone around me was super happy with my banner and helped me hold it for almost all of TDCC’s performance! I cannot express how thankful I am for this, Basement People you are amazing! It was definitely one of my most precious moments of the night for me ?

Two Door Cinema Club live in Southhampton |

(Photo credit to Hollywood Photos)

The lights dimmed, the intro music started playing and before I knew it Two Door Cinema Club was right before my eyes. It was such a surreal experience – I honestly could not understand that Alex Trimble was literally an arm’s reach away.

Two Door kicked off the show with Cigarettes in the Theatre, and within a few notes of Sam’s guitar, the entire audience was completely enthralled. The lighting fitted perfectly, exciting the already exuberant Basement People even more than I thought was possible! This was followed by the classic Basement People anthem, Undercover Martyn, where everyone sang every word to our song.


Almost every time Alex had a vocal solo, he would crouch down directly in front of me, reach out, and sing to the audience. He was so close that I could the little space rock on his necklace which he has mentioned in multiple interviews, I’m pretty sure at that moment I was the luckiest Basement Person in the venue!


(I truly had the best view! Please ignore my screaming and my hand reaching out to Alex)

At Eat That Up It’s Good For You, one of my favorite songs by the band, I stopped filming and singing and simply closed my eyes and completely immersed myself in the music. When I opened my eyes, Alex was smiling and singing at me. Mr Trimble, your smile purified me thoroughly.

Two Door closed the night off flawlessly with Someday and the classic, What You Know. The security guards were kind enough to give me one of Ben’s Drumsticks and the Merch sellers promised to give TDCC my banner! That means Two Door Cinema Club are aware this site, the fans, the basement people love them, which truly means a lot to me.

Two Door Cinema Club didn’t play their songs at the concert. They performed. The band’s confidence, skill and talent beamed throughout the evening. It was a completely unforgettable experience and I urge any of you who haven’t gone to a TDCC to see them live.

Also, a big thanks to all of the Basement People who said hello to me, helped me hold the banner and made my concert experience fantastic! It truly means a lot to me. 🙂

Talk soon,









Updates and US Tour
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Hi basement people,

Despite only returning home from their Asia tour a few days ago, Two Door have still been busy, including announcing new tour dates and featuring on television, as well as preparing for their UK tour which kicks off in three days. I will be going to see the band at Southampton Guildhall in February, so if you’re going don’t hesitate to say hi to me, I would love to talk to you all!

If you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets for the UK tour in the general sale, TDCC are regularly re-tweeting basement people selling their tickets so you may still have a chance to see them. Currently one ticket is on sale for the O2 Academy Leeds concert (30/1/17) and two tickets for Manchester.

Two Door have also announced that they will be playing in Mexico City on the 21st of March! You can buy tickets here.

The band have also announced their April US tour! Tickets are available here.

Finally, the band have confirmed that they will be playing at Dour Festival in July and Boardmasters in August. TDCC have definitely spoiled us with tour dates this year, I hope they are playing near you all!

Apart from announcing tour dates, Two Door appeared on Radio X, and also created quite a masterpiece…so good that it is soon being put on auction for the charity Make Some Noise!

The band also discussed the worst things they had done on tour, where they would be studying if TDCC did not work out and their experience in Asia live on Facebook, but if you missed the live stream you can watch it here.

Lastly, Two Door performed their single Ordinary on Soccer AM earlier this morning! If you live in the UK you can watch it through Sky on Demand, if not they kindly put the video on Twitter so you can watch it there!



That’s all of the updates for today! As I mentioned earlier, I will be going to TDCC’s Southampton concert in February! You can identify me as I will be wearing Gameshow coloured (pink/purple/turquoise) stripes on my face and holding a banner saying ‘ loves you’. I’m looking forward to finally to see the band live and basement people for the first time 🙂

Talk soon,


Made in the Basement Covers featuring Adrian and Jeremy
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Hi Basement People,

Lately we have been mentioning our Made in the Basement page, such as the wonderful fan art you guys have been submitting! Thanks so much again to everyone who sent in you work! You can view all of the art here, and if you want to send in your work please contact us.

Moving on, I’ve seen many Two Door covers online recently, and we would love to feature them on Made in the Basement! For example, Adrian and Jeremy have been running an amazing YouTube channel for the past three years, and regularly post videos ranging from TDCC covers to tutorials and live streams. They are so talented and passionate about the band and it’s great to see.

Adrian was kind enough to talk a little more about what his and Jeremy’s work:

“Jeremy and I have been on YouTube since 2013 and we would cover our favourite bands off camera and decided to cover all of Two Doors songs when we saw that very few songs of theirs were covered. I knew that from the start our goal would be to share our love for the band by playing their songs and dedicate a channel to them so they can hopefully see it one day, all while building a small fan base for ourselves. We completed covering all of TDCC’s songs and moved to covering other bands like Last Dinosaurs, Foals, and Phoenix, which gave our viewers something to watch while Gameshow was being created. Now we have started covering some of the new songs off the album, most recently being “Bad Decisions”. Unfortunately, YouTube has made it difficult for us now to post covers due to copyright issues but we will continue to try our best to post them since this is our passion and we love to share it with everyone. I have recently joined a band and will be posting our own music on the channel towards the beginning of the year as well. We are so thankful for all of the support throughout the years and I cannot wait to show everyone what we have in store next. Big shout out to the basement people for reaching out to us and sharing our channel, we welcome any new subscribers and hope you enjoy all the Two Door covers :)” 

What they do is amazing so you should definitely check their YouTube channel out! Here’s their beautiful cover of Bad Decisions:

Jeremy also filmed this fantastic tutorial of Are We Ready? (Wreck):

Here’s also their cover of Cigarettes in the Theatre, one of my personal favourites!


We would absolutely love to hear some of your TDCC covers. Contact us or get in touch with me though Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Email if you want to submit your work and we will put it on our Made in the Basement Fan Covers page. All of your music will be greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to Jeremy and Adrian for letting me featuring them on the site.

Talk soon, and I’m looking forward to your submissions!