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Community Festival
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Hello everyone,
summer is slowly coming to an end and so is this years festival season.
Me and Olivia were lucky enough to see the band at their headline show this summer, Community Festival. It was a day full of fun, sun and great music.
It was also the first time I met Olivia. After over a year working on this site together we finally got the chance to meet in person and enjoy the day together. We met up early and then made our way to the main stage where we were lucky enough to get to the front!

The line up included a nice mixture of rock, punk and indie music including previous Two Door tour opening acts like Sundara Karma & Circa Waves. It also featured the Vaccines, You Me at Six, Rat Boy, Marmozets and basque band Belako. Eveyrthing had a good pace to it with the bands sometimes playing up to an hour and then a short break in between.

Just as the sun started to set it was time for Two Door. The boys walked onto the stage with Touch the Sky playing in the backgrounf and then immediately started their set with Undercover Martyn (which I did not expect) and a dose of confetti and ended it with Sun and some impressive fireworks

The whole gig felt like a celebration of them and all their success as a band as they played through songs from Tourist History, Beacon and Gameshow.

I want to say a big thank you to all the organizers of Community and the security staff who took care of us front rowers all day by providing us with plenty of water. I would also love to give a shoutout to the lovely girl and her mom standing left of us for sharing some food.

It was so lovely to meet some of you basement people, even more lovely to finally meet and spend the day with you Olivia, and the absolute best to watch Two Door perform.

Were you there ? Let me know your story on Twitter!

Have a good day basement people!

Happy 10th birthday Four Words to Stand on
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Hello everybody,
today marks the 10th anniversary of Two Doors first ever EP Four Words to Stand on!

Up to this day the record has never been released properly, but today is the day. Not only did the guys share the original demos of some of our favourite songs, but also some story behind it.

According to a post on Facebook they recorded the EP in Alex’s garage in Donaghadee and went on to create 500 copies that they sold at their first headline show ever!

They also shared a video of a mini documentary they did on the day of their EP launch :

I am so proud of how far the guys have come and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!
Listen to the EP below:


8 years of Tourist History!
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Hello everybody,

Tourist History is 8 years old today!
I can’t believe it’s been that long since the record came out.

The record was originally released on 17 February 2010 by their then label Kitsune. Back then it debuted at number 46 of the UK Album Charts.
They also won the Choice Music Prize for the 2010 Irish Album of the Year, which was their first award ever won. They then went ahead and donated their price money to charity.

Whats your favourite song of Tourist History ? Let us know on Twitter!
It’s really hard to chose but I think mine is Something Good Can Work. To this day it is still my happy song.
Have a nice day!!

Gameshow: One Year Later
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Hello everyone,
Gameshow is one year old and the tour is officially over, where has the time gone ?
To celebrate I thought today I would take us all on a trip down memory lane and revisit these past two years and some of the highlights…

The guys toured for 18 months on and off in total playing 160 shows in 33 countries!
Back in April 2016 on the 10th, 11th and 12th they started the Tour playing three intimate gigs in Ireland, posing as their own Cover Band Tudor Cinema Club!

It was the first time that the band performed since their London Show in December 2013!
At these gigs they didn’t perform any of the new songs of off Gameshow, but they introduced us to Jacob, who was added as the 2nd touring member last year! (plus we got to take a glimpse at Alexs long hair – R.I.P.). Tara Thomas took some lovely pictures of the event!

Just one day later they announced that they had finished Gameshow!

Job Done.

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The tour then officially started in Mexico where they played three shows

Club Tropicana where the drinks are free

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Two Door Cinema Club (@twodoorcinemaclub) am

… afterwards passing by France for the Art Rock Festival, and then in June starting their first Gameshow US Tour.

Last night was siiiiiiiick

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On the 4th of June during their first US gig of the Tour at the Sinclair they gave Gameshow it’s live debut, and us a glimpse of the new record.

Later they released a snippet of their third documentary and some hints for Are We Ready? (Wreck), the first official single of the Album :

On the 14th June Are We Ready ? (Wreck) was released on BBC Radio 1 as the hottest record, followed by the official album trailer marking an end to their US gigs.

During the summer of 2016 the band played multiple festival shows all over the world, including NOS Alive in Portugal where I got to see them, Rock en Saine where Saoirse saw them and of course the big Glastonbury + Reading & Leeds festivals in the UK.
In addition that July they released the music video for Are We Ready, and also Bad Decisions, the 2nd single!

The Tour announcement videos narrated by Sam and Kevin came in September, and the Bad Decisions music video was released.
That same month they did a special show at the Tufnell Park Dome in London, which was their first gig in London since the end of the Beacon Tour.

Ellen Offredy took some amazing pictures of the event which were included in a Live Review by DIY Magazine, that the band was the monthly cover of.

Ten days before the official release of the record, the 3rd and title single, Gameshow was uploaded to the bands Youtube channel in form of a 360° video!

They had a live performance at Jimmy Kimmels Late Night show, sadly the video has since been deleted, but we are still left with this group band picture!


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On the 13th of October at 11pm the #twodoorlisteningparty took place on Twitter.
The band was playing the full album for the first time on BBC Radio 1. I still remember tweeting like crazy that night and interacting with a lot of you!

Next comes October 14th! Gameshow is OUT!!!
To celebrate the release of their third studio album the guys did a Livestream on Facebook where they performed some tracks…

… and by going to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on the 18th where they played Bad Decisions and a cover of Sia’s The Greatest.

The North America Tour took off in November and continued on until the beginning of December. During this tour they were supported by Broods.

It's good to be back 📸 @shotsfromthedark

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While there they did another Facebook Livestream, playing some songs at KCRW:

The albums documentary I Saw the World Today came out on December 19th.
In it we can get an insight on Gameshow and the process of it.

After this the band took a well deserved break and went back to touring at the beginning of this year. Before starting their UK Tour they headed over to Asia where they got given this amazing Gameshow cake,

Thanks for the awesome presents basement people! Korea FTW

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and were on Japanese television!

Japanese morning TV…excuse our confused faces. We had no clue what was going on.

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Through January, supported by Sundara Karma and Anteros, the band travelled through the UK finishing of with a double show on February 9 & 10 at the Alexandra Palace in London, where they were joined by special guests Circa Waves.
A live video of Bad Decisions was filmed during their show on the 9th,

and the Lavender music video was filmed during their show on the 10th.

Up until March they toured Europe, finishing of in Hamburg, Germany, on the 4th.
During this tour they were supported by the bands Blaenavon and Parcels.

Our dear Samuel enjoying the funk, courtesy of sweetpeas; @parcelsmusic

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They then went ahead to tour in South America, like Lollapalooza Brasil where they spotted football star Ronaldo!

In April they made their way back up North to the US, playing quite a few gigs and taking part in the Coachella festival.

Still on a high @coachella 🌞 See you tonight, Portland!

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Ahead of their 2017 summer festival shows, Alex took part in the BBC Radio 1 piano sessions, where he played an acoustic version of Invincible, What You Know and a cover of Circa Waves song Goodbye.

We’re feeling fresh. Time to take on festival season! 📷 – @andrewwhitton

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For their trip to Splendour in the Grass festival in Australia they announced a mini Australia tour,

during which they adopted Jira, the “Two Door” Dingo!

This Fall, joined by Circa Waves, they went back for one last time to the US.

Thanks for the welcome, Ithaca! Meadows Festival – see you later… 📷 @katycummings_

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Afterwards they finished the Tour in South Africa, were they appeared at the Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies festivals.

I still can’t believe this has all been happening in the last 18 months, and that Gameshow is already one year old!

It still feels like yesterday that it arrived in the mail and that I saw them live in concert.
So many amazing memories have been made and I’m really excited and looking forward to what the guys have planned for us next.
I’m also so happy that they have shared lots of pictures and videos with us through their social media. It’s always so nice to take a look back (like this post) and see what they have achieved.

Did you attend any shows, or in general what are your favourite memories of this Tour/record ?
Feel free to share your stories and experiences with me on Twitter!

Maybe over this break until record number 4 we can share some of your stories on the site!
Until then I have created some Spotify playlists with the setlists of this Tour for Two Door and all their amazing(!!!) supporting bands: Circa Waves, Sundara Karma, Anteros, Parcels, Blaenavon and Broods!

If you have made it to the end of this very long post, thank you so much for taking a look back with me on this tour.
I hope you all have a nice day!
Talk soon,

The End of the US Tour & Happy Birthday Alex!
The End of the US Tour & Happy Birthday Alex! avatar

Hello everyone,
first of all… Happy Birthday Alex!
We all hope you had a lovely day celebrating!

The guys finished touring in the US yesterday and have now only two gigs left in South Africa before their Gameshow Tour is over. There they will play at the Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies festivals.

During these last three weeks of touring the states they have played in multiple new venues/cities and festivals like the Music & Arts festival in New York, the Thrival Music festival in Pennsylvania and the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas.

Life Is Beautiful – that was amazing! Thank you x 📷 @katycummings_

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Two Door Cinema Club (@twodoorcinemaclub) am

At their sold out show in Anaheim they got gifted an amazing looking skateboard by the venue to celebrat their gig.

If you went to any shows let me know about them on Twitter!

Talk Soon,