Happy Birthday Sam!

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Happy Birthday Sam!
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Hi again basement people!

How is everyone on this glorious Friday?

Why glorious you say? Well, first of all…it’s Friday! And most importantly…it’s our very own Sam Halliday’s 30th birthday!

We’ve had some lovely messages for him so far.

This beauty from @TDCCshitpost.

Andie says “Happy birthday Sam!!!!! I dont have a clear photo of you guys when you came here in Manila, because i was too busy dancing/singing/crying!!!! To more rock songs to dance to ???? “

Ianthe adds “I just hope he keeps on foot shuffling through his 30s” ugh, saaame!

Jennifer, about Sam’s solos: “It’s electrifying to watch… Cuz you know it’s gonna happen. It’s like watching that scene in alien where the monster breaks free. Sam just can’t contain himself!! ? Here’s to 30+ more years of rocking out! Can’t wait to see our boys in Philadelphia in September! Please play Sun ? it’s my favorite!”

There are many beautiful messages for Sam all over the internet, including one from the band itself:

So much love for such a wonderful person. Thanks for everything Sam, you’ll always be our number one guitarist and favourite foot movements artist!

Have a fab weekend basement people!

Talk soon,