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Basement people of here, there and everywhere!

Long time no speak, I’m so sorry. Things have been so busy my end and as this was a pretty important post I wanted to do it right!

Without further ado, here it goes, my gig review post at last!

As some of you may know, myself and fellow basement person and partner Clément were lucky enough to see the band twice recently.
First up was Garorock. We hadn’t seen in the band in almost a year, False Alarm was out just over a week, so needless to say we were pretty excited!

As always, they were fab.

Less than a week later we saw them again at Bobital festival aaand once again they smashed it!

Both gigs were absolutely wonderful. In my opinion, this is best set list they’ve had in a while, possibly ever! Talk as an opening track is simply amazing, it sets a great entrance for the band and really gets everything going. Sun as a closing track is also wonderful as it has a sort of nostalgia to it, it’s also very well known in France meaning a massive goodbye from the crowd. The actual setlist was also wonderful, what I appreciated the most was that the setlists at both gigs weren’t the same! That was probably the one that got to me at Two Door gigs – as much as I love them, their music and their shows, I did think the stability of their setlists wasn’t necessarily a good thing and that different cities or countries call for different songs, so I was so pleased that they changed things around! At Garorock we got to hear Talk, Satellite and Dirty Air, and at Bobital they also added Once which was totally unexpected! A few other things differed, so we got two very different concerts within ten days of each other – what more could we ask for?

I’m also once again very impressed by the confidence and stage presence they have all gained, especially Alex who basically owned the place for those few hours – oh how times change, am I right?

As much as I loved both festivals, I did prefer Bobital as the setlist change was a lovely surprise and we got to hear Once, but also because they sounded that bit better and especially because we got to meet up with so many basement people! Some we already knew, some we had spotted on facebook beforehand, some we simply ran into! It’s so special to meet people and immediately have so much in common, we all bonded immediately and created such beautiful memories together. Best fan base ever for the best band ever, right basement people?

The basement people!

We have one more Two Door festival this summer (possibly two), which will be Rock en Seine at the end of August (and maaaybe The City Trucks at the beginning of September) – is anyone going to any of these?! As always, get in touch, we’d love to meet up!

Have a lovely evening basement people, and don’t forget tomorrow is a very special day for the Two Door universe…that’s right, Sam turns 30 tomorrow! Don’t forget to wish him a great day!

Talk soon!

Much love,