Basement people react to False Alarm!

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Basement people react to False Alarm!
Basement people react to False Alarm! avatar

Basement people of the world (and beyond, now that Two Door have been into space) – WHAT IS UP?

False Alarm has been out for over a week now, which means we’ve had plenty of time to listen to it over and over and really develop our thoughts on it. If you haven’t been in touch yet, do share your feelings about Two Door Cinema Club’s fourth album with us on twitter and/or instagram!

As always, I have asked you beautiful peeps to share your False Alarm, and as always… You did not disappoint! Here are some fantastic basement people photos!

You may remember this one, we have shared it before because we absolutely love it – what a collection!

These beautiful photos also sum up the whole False Alarm excitement.

The merch is in the final photo, uuugh those t-shirts! What a beautiful moment to share with us!

I absolutely love this photo, these is so much to look at and enjoy! Again, what a fantastic collection, we’re so happy you shared this with us!

A shirt that matches a vinyl? Ugh, how cool! And that yellow…perfect for summer!

Finally, my partner and my contribution: these were taken on the Saturday after release day when we went to check out physical copies of False Alarm whilst waiting for our pre-ordered copies to come in the post (we ended up buying this record)!

The band actually did a little basement people post of their own earlier on today, sharing some really cool colletions!

Is yours there basement people?! How does it feel, having your photo shared by the band? Get in touch! I will be adding more to this post soon, including my own personal thoughts on the record as well as more basement people content. I’ve been sent a lot of cool photos I just haven’t gotten around to sorting yet so if yours isn’t here and you want it to be you can still get in touch!

I’ll be back early next week, as I’m off to see Two Door again this weekend at Bobital Festival (I saw them at Garorock festival last Sunday and it was amaaazing)!

Until then basement peeps, stay sweet, stay cool, stay amazing!

Talk soon!