One week until False Alarm!

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One week until False Alarm!
One week until False Alarm! avatar

Basement peeeeeps, what’s up?!

Sorry for not being in touch over the past few days, time flies, life happens and here we are, almost a week away from False Alarm and in the middle of the bands pre-album tour !

How have you all been? Have you been to see the band since my last post? Have you bought tickets for upcoming shows? Have you pre-ordered your copy of the album? Get in touch, we want to know!

If you have also been busy recently, here is a little summary of what has went down in the last two weeks :

First of all, the band appeared on daily french television programm Quotidien to perform two songs, Talk live on the show, Satellite as an internet exclusive performance! As some of you may know, I live in France, so seeing the band on local television is always very exciting ! Check out their performances now! They also did a short interview for a section of the show, Qoulisses, that you can watch now! (Food making Sam happy…are we surprised, basement people?)

Enjoyed Satellite? Well, you can now check out the behind the scenes to their out of this world video!

What an adventure !

Up next (I told you there was lots to cover!) this fantastic acoustic version of Once performed by the band for dutch radio station 3FM.

If this doesn’t have you excited for False Alarm, I don’t know what will… I particularly enjoy the chorus of this song and am curious as to what it will all sound like on the record! We got a teeny tiny sneak peak of it yesterday as our very own Kevin showed us one of the False Alarm vinyls !

I say I don’t know what will get you excited for the album but…there may be something… How about an album warm up tour?! That’s right, the band kicked off their False Alarm pre release shows on Monday in Berlin!

Does the red phone look familiar?

The band then took things to Amsterdam last night where things got pretty intense for Kev!

Amazing! Were any of you there? If so, get in touch, we’d love to share your stories! We’re on twitter, instagram and the bands official facebook group!

Finally, I’d like to end this post with an absolutely amazing post by instagram user samehalliday that was reused by the band a few days ago.

The basement people are such a beautiful, passionate and diverse community so we are delighted to see the band taking a stand on such important matters. Happy pride month to all you beautiful peeps, never change!

I’ll be in touch very very soon basement people, just over a week until False Alarm, get tweeting, instagraming and basement people-ing!

Much love,