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False Alarm!
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Woop woop basement people, have you heard False Alarm? Satisfaction Guaranteed if I may say so myself… (What – a – song!)

As you all most definitely 100% probably know, Two Door Cinema Club’s fourth album False Alarm was released into the world last Friday, 21st of June. Since then, it has been played many times all over the world, much to our delight!

For those of you who follow us on twitter, you’ll know that I didn’t actually listen to it on the 21st.And so begins possibly one of the longest days every. I won’t be listening to False Alarm until tonight, meaning I have to avoid all basement people social media accounts all day. Oh well…

By the time I was able to listen to it it was past midnight, meaning the head of basementpeople.com heard the album after the majority of the community, oh the irony…

Anywayyy! What did you make of the album?! We totally want to know!

As usual, I will be putting together a post full of your pretty faces alongside your records/merch/tickets/whatever to celebrate the release of False Alarm so do please share them on twitter!

What a sweet collection Steve! Who else has received their album/bundle? Mine arrived today (though I haven’t seen it yet)! What did you order? Does it all live up to expectations?
I’ll be back real soon with my thoughts on the album, again if you’d like to share yours do get in touch, we want to hear from you!

Proud dads, and proud fans! I can’t believe they’ve done it again, after months of the most amazing release campaign ever, all up until the very end…

And yet of course I can believe they’ve done it again… This is Two Door Cinema Club we’re talking about!

As I said, I’ll be back in a few days with a post full of basement people magic, if you’d like to be a part of it get in touch on twitter, on instagram or on facebook!

Until then, much love basement peeps!