Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s Big Weekend performance!

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Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s Big Weekend performance!
Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s Big Weekend performance! avatar

Hello fellow basement people, how are you today? I am very pleased to say festival season is officially upon us, and Two Door have kicked it off in quite the fashion! (Queen of fashion? Get it? Too soon?)

On Saturday the band performed in Ward Park, Bangor, alongside Snow Patrol and other amazing artists and on Sunday, the band took to Middlesbrough for BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend! What a weekend! Were you at either of these shows? Were you at…both?! What did you think of their set and performance? They’re already playing quite a bit of False Alarm, including Dirty Air!

You can watch their whole Big Weekend performance on the BBC iPlayer now!

So good! I cannot wait to see the! My first show is in just over a month, Garorock I hope you’re ready!

In other news, instagram user and fellow fan Zadek has asked us to help him promote Two Door’s subreddit. Though he isn’t the original creator, he is a huge fan of the band (and of our site, thank you!) and would love for it to become more active…so check it out now basement people! It’s full of all kinds of amazing content, from fans wondering if Dirty Air will make it on to Fifa 20’s soundtrack (I say it will!) to discussion threads on specific songs, albums, shows and so much more!

Dirty Air Discussion Thread from r/TwoDoorCinemaClub

Finally, we bring to you this video of Sam playing the drums. Is there a better way to end a post?

Enjoy basement peeps, and don’t forget to get in touch with us on twitter where I am constantly chatting with you and on Instagram where Benoit will be happy chat with you, he has just created a False Alarm countdown that you can share to your own Insta story so check it out now!

Until next time my friends, stay happy and healthy and I’ll be back real soon!

Much love,