One month until False Alarm and a new music video

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One month until False Alarm and a new music video
One month until False Alarm and a new music video avatar

Basement people, what are you doing on Thursday at 10am (I’m guessing GMT)?

I know what I’ll be doing! The band have just posted this:

Such mystery. What about those dance moves?! Who else is already practicing them for festival season? Anyway, stay tuned, I’ll be live tweeting on Thursday to discuss what I’m guessing is the video for Satellite so make sure you’re following us!

In other news, you have realised that False Alarm comes out in a month today! The 14th of Jue has never been closer, yet so far away… How do you feel about the upcoming record now? Have you pre-ordered your copy or perhaps a bundle? Let us know on twitter or instagram!

To celebrate and promote the upcoming album, the band have quite a lot of events lined up, such as a pretty amazing rooftop show tomorrow evening at Elsewhere, Brooklyn!

So – cool. Are you going to this?
The band have recently made another pretty cool announcement, check it out down below!

As always, let us know if you’re hoping to go to any of these events!

Finally, a quick shout out to our newest basement people team, Benoit!

Benoit has been helping me out with the instagram recently, and by helping me out I mean pretty much running the whole thing! As a lot of you will know, I sometimes find it hard to keep on top of things and stay active on all social media platforms, usually choosing to interact with you guys over twitter. Well now you can interact with us on both twitter and instagram!

If you haven’t already, go welcome him!

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My basement peeps, happy Sunday! What are you guys up to today? Is @twodoorcinemaclub a part of your weekend playlist? What else are you guys listening to? Let us know! Just a quick post to introduce our newest #BasementPeople team member, the wonderful Benoit! Benoit is a fellow french basement person and has been running the instagram for a little while now – all those cool posts and stories you’ve been seeing recently? All him! He’s been doing a great job, so we thought it’s time to make things official and introduce him to you guys! Enough from me though, who better than Benoit himself to talk about him, his work and his love for Two Door! I’m counting on you guys to give him a great welcome! Hello everyone 👋 I’m @benoittanga, and I’m in charge of the animation of this account, since a few posts already. Huge fan of the band since a decade now, I‘m French and I’m passionated by analog photography! Here is some pictures I took of the guys in a Chamonix street, few weeks ago. Live facts: I belong to the lucky Basement People who were at the Oval Space, last March, 30th (the only time I saw them, unfortunately). Fav song: really really depends on the mood, but SGCW stands out from the crowd. Bad Decisions is also quite a big one. I’m in love with all the live versions. Nice to meet you all 😌

Une publication partagée par False Alarm – 14/06! ❌🚨 (@the.basement.people) le

Thank you for reading basement people, I’ll be back on Thursday 10am!

Much love,