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Basement people!

Were you listening to BBC Radio 1 tonight? If so, you probably heard Two Door’s latest track off upcoming album False Alarm, Dirty Air! If you missed it, check it out now!

As I’d said on yesterday’s post, we had already heard a short extract from Dirty Air ages ago, though none of knew what it was!

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H-2 before we get to hear #DirtyAir! #AlexTrimble will be on with @anniemacdj Are you as impatient as we are? As Saoirse said on her post yesterday, for those of you wondering what this third track will sound like (or fourth, if you want to count the acoustic version of Once we heard last week), we have actually already heard a little bit of Dirty Air! We shall say no more… Benoit. . . . . #TwoDoorCinemaClub #TDCinemaClub #TDCC #BasementPeople #KevinBaird #SamHalliday #BenThompson #JacobBerry #Album #TouristHistory #Gameshow #FalseAlarm #Talk #Satellite #ProlificaManagement #Kitsune #Parlophone #Indie #Rock #IndieRock #Band #Music #NewMusic #IndieBands #Live #LiveMusic #Festival #Musician

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Sound familiar?

What did you think of this third track? Thanks again to everyone who shared their thoughts with us on twitter!

Loving the song ??❤️— Marlene Perez (@perezm2773) 21 May 2019

Definitely a step in the right direction for my personal tastes compared to the first couple of releases, quite enjoyed it— Kieron (@lmKieronn) 21 May 2019

i think it’s my favourite off the album so far, i’m loving the amount of guitar and i just love it already— amy ✈️ (@bastillemax) 21 May 2019

I was a bit put off when I heard talk and satellite cause they had quite a strong pop vibe, but relieved they’ve not jumped fully in that boat on the new album if this song is anything to go off— Kieron (@lmKieronn) 21 May 2019

Keep sharing your thoughts with us basement people, we love sharing this unique moments with you! And don’t forget…

@TDCinemaClub will be playing some new songs tomorrow night #basementpeople!— Official #basementpeople (@Basement_people) 21 May 2019

In other, not totally unrelated, news, I got an idea last week and was hoping you guys could share your thoughts with me!

Would anyone be interested in #basementpeople videos? We could discuss the new album, answer some questions and have a good time! Let us know!— Official #basementpeople (@Basement_people) 16 May 2019

I was thinking of perhaps posting my own sort of “review” of the album. It wouldn’t be anything fancy, just a fan talking about a record to fellow fans! Let me know if you like the idea, and if so what you’d like to see in the video!

Talk then!

Much love,