Satellite, False Alarm and so much more.
Satellite, False Alarm and so much more. avatar

Hello again my basement people,

Tonight was without a doubt my worst “live tweet” session ever. Here is my single tweet:

There are and will never be enough words in the world, or in the universe, to describe my love and admiration for Two Door Cinema Club.

Literally out of this world. I’m so proud of you three.

Their new album, False Alarm, will be released on the 14th of June. You can pre-order now here. What bundle are you hoping to buy?

You can listen to the new single, Satellite, online now.

I’ll be back over the weekend with more thoughts etc. on this my basement people, right now I need to let it all sink and just appreciate the amount of work these boys have gone to to make the best album ever, making us the happiest and proudest fans on earth…and beyond.

So much love,