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A basement people project
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Calling all my fellow basement people around the world!

We have teamed up with the wonderful TDCCBrasil and are hoping to team up with other fanpages to help promote this idea we had to bring us even closer together as a community, and closer to the band! If you run a Two Door fan page, be it on facebook, twitter, instagram or somewhere else, please get in touch, we could do with your support!

As massive Two Door fans, we too want to help promote the new single and album. Sadly, we don’t have the means for interactive billboards and phone boxes, however we do have some of the most passionate, talented and creative people I know (if you don’t know what I mean I suggest you check out our Made in the Basement section now)! And so we have decided to create our very own promotion, with your help!

What we need you to do is send us in your best Two Door billboard pics. To do so, you can go to a billboard and take a photo of yourself there, like this guy (does anyone know who he is btw, asking for a friend):












You can also send us a pic of yourself with some of the digital content the app has to offer such as this filter:








Finally, for you basement people who don’t live near any physical or digital landmarks such as myself, just get creative! You can for instance take a photo of yourself next to a fire extinguisher, or print out some of the bands new artwork and make your very own miniature billboard! I have no examples to share as of yet but will be sure to upload some soon!

It would mean a lot to us if as many of you as possible got involved in this! We love sharing news with you but as I said the other night, the best part of running a fansite is sharing such fantastic moments with you guys!

If you run a fanpage, please share our post/game, and if you’re a basement person, please get involved! Send us your photos via twitter, via the bands Basement People – Official Facebook Group or via your local fan page such as TDCCBrasil who will then forward them to us so we can share them all!

I look forward to seeing you amazing content basement peeps!

Talk soon,