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Hello everyone,

sadly summer and Two Door Cinema Clubs Gameshow Tour are slowly coming to an end.
These past two months the band has played around 20 festival shows in (mostly) Europe and Australia and have just another four left before going back to the US for 15 additional gigs that are part of their US Tour.
Afterwards they will finish the Gameshow Tour with 2 final shows in South Africa in October.

The guys have been on and off the road touring the record for 18 months now, including multiple festivals all over the World, a UK, Europe and (mini) Australia Tour and 4 US Tours.

One highlight of this summer has been Reading & Leeds festival. Back in 2010 Reading & Leeds was one of the first big festivals that the band played at and this year marks the 5th time that they were there.

Backstage they were interviewed by Gary Ryan from NME where they talked about the Tour and also their next album.
Because of the constant touring they haven’t had a chance to go into the studio yet, but Alex said that they have a big spectrum of ideas at the moment and that the 4th record might even go into yet another different direction from their old music.

If you live in the UK remember that you can watch their performance at Reading festival on the BBC iPlayer. Sadly the rest of us can’t enjoy it, but maybe we will get lucky and one of the songs gets uploaded to the BBC Youtube channel like it was the case at Big Weekend.

Check out this video from the BBC Newsbeat Twitter that shows the band just as they go on stage, including their pre-show High Five!

AND make sure to watch the bands performance of Bad Decisions

I hope you all had a nice summer!
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