Tales of a lucky basement person & a Two Door listening party
Tales of a lucky basement person & a Two Door listening party avatar

Hey guys,

I’m back as promised with an amazing story from the lovely Maybrit who won one of our competitions back in 2013:

Back in 2013 you held a contest on this site to win two tickets to the concert at the O2-Arena in London on December 13th called “Tribute to Two Door” My brother and I won the contest due to a browser game that he created. We decided to fly to London on the 11th and fly home on the14th to also do some sightseeing. None of us had ever been to London before.

I remember on the day on our flight there, there was a big thunder and rainstorm on the island we lived on so our flight was delayed and we ended up arriving late in the evening after spending a few hours at the airport. On the 12th and the 13th we went sightseeing and later on to the concert. At the Guest List ticket line of the Arena they gave us an envelope with our two tickets and two bracelets.

When we entered and our tickets got scanned we asked a security member if they knew what the bracelets were for, but they didn’t know so they called the head of security which resulted in us waiting at the entrance for around an hour while we watched all the other people go inside the doors and to their seats. By the time Swim Deep was playing their set they still didn’t know what the bracelets were for so they told us to go to our seats and enjoy the show and that they would send someone to tell us when the question was resolved. Our seats were to the side of the stage.

After the Crystal Fighters gig someone came over and told us that the bracelets were for the After Party, which got us even more excited for the concert.

This was my first time seeing TDCC (thankfully not my last) and it was also only the 3rd bigger concert that I had gone to so it was all very impressive. They are my favourite band after all and I had such an amazing time. The set list was great and all the light effects and Special Guest Valentina were a nice addition to the wonderful music.

After the concert was over it was our mission to find the place of the after party. With the help of yet another security member we found out the name: Gaucho.

We actually walked past it on our first attempt to find it. It was really fancy with lots of people everywhere. We were offered free drinks and there were bowls full of free packs of Electronic Cigarettes. We found an empty seat towards the end of the club and set down for a while and my brother had some fancy expensive looking wine and a fancy imported beer as well. We had a chat with the guy next to us until suddenly Swim Deep came and just casually stood next to the wall where we were sitting.

Going into the after party I of course had hope that we would get a chance to meet Two Door but was not sure it was going to happen; seeing Swim Deep though gave me more hope. My brother had a small chat with them and then we took a photo.

It was nearing midnight and there had still not been any sight of the boys which made me start to feel sad because I had gotten my hopes up, but we had to leave due to the transportation to get to our Hostel. On our way outside we walked past Sam and had to stop real quick to think, was that really him ? In the end we went over to him and said hello, told him that we thought the concert was amazing and congratulated him on his marriage. Then we took a photo and said goodbye. We decided to go around once more and spotted Kevin close to where we were before. He told us that Alex was not at the after party because he had gone straight to sleep and wasn’t feeling well. We talked a little bit more, took a photo and then my brother and I had to leave and run to the train station.

Overall when I think of this evening I still get emotional.

I had listened to them for a few years and their music was there for me in the good times and the bad times and it was such an amazing experience that makes me smile everyday. Over this pause that the band have taken I always found comfort in the fact that at least I had the privilege of seeing them and meeting 2/3 of them in that special night.

I’m so glad that they are coming back with new music and new shows. Since that day I have seen them live once this summer at the NOS Alive festival in Portugal with my dad and next year with luck I might be able to see them again during their European Tour.

I hope that they will go on for many more years and that other basement people get the chance to see them in concert and maybe even to meet them!


By Maybrit.

I always love reading your stories, but this one made me particularly happy. See what happens when you enter and win a basementpeople.com competition? You know what you have to do now guys..(cough cough).
Thank you so much to Maybrit for sending in such a happy, enthusiastic story, we’re so happy you won that competition and had such a great time!

In other (huge) news, on Wednesday night BBC Radio 1 will be hosting a little #twodoorlisteningparty. What’s that you ask? Well, it’s only the most exciting news yet!

How amazing is this?! I’m so happy you’ll all hear the whole thing at last! You guys totally deserve this, and I’ll finally be able to discuss it openly with you! Who can talk about a new Two Door album better than the basement people after all?!

Finally, just two minutes ago I got an e-mail from the lovely Sharon who kindly recorded this a few days ago. It should help you guys wait until Wednesday. That’s right, Wednesday guys! Enjoy!

Don’t forget guys (as if), BBC Radio 1 at 11pm on Wednesday night! #Boom as the band would say!

I should be in touch before then, but just in case, spread the word and make sure everyone you know is listening to BBC Radio 1 that night!

Until then keep well and I’ll be back soon enough!