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Hello basement friends!

As you all know, Two Door gave their first London performance in years last Wednesday day night. A lot of you guys we were waiting for a UK gig, so when the band announced their concert at The Dome, Tufnell Park, only a week before the event, things got a bit crazy! None of the basementpeople.com team were there sadly, but from what we’ve seen on social media be it from basement people or the band themselves, it seemed absolutely incredible.
There is no doubt about it, they’re well and truly back, as tweeted by Parlophone records on Wednesday night!

Everything about that gig looked amazing. The band and their performance of course, but also the stage, the lights, the crowd, the shoes (yes shoes) and of course the whole excitement around such a massive event. It was in London, the city they call home, the city a lot of basement people also call home, and exaclty a month before the release of Gameshow.

A lot of photos and videos of the concert have been shared online already, too many for me to share them all here, so I decided I’d share some of my favourites and have you guys send in the rest! First of all, my new favourite picture of the band, courtesy of Jamie William:


Une photo publiée par @jamiewilliam le

I love everything about it. The black and white, that spur of the moment feel, Alex’s smile. He is the only one actually looking at the camera but I think it makes eveything much more intimate, as if we were somehow invited to take part in the preparation of the gig, to see what goes on just before they arrive on stage. It shows such an exciting moment for them and for us, them just about to begin what is sure to be one of their most important gigs of the year, and the crowd waiting, checking the time, thinking “any second now”. I think what I love most about it however is all five of them are on it, which is very special. I love Two Door as they are, three wonders from Northern Ireland, but also love what Ben has been doing for them over the past few years and what Jacob has brought to the band’s live performance since the beginning of this year. A photo of the five of them together just before they go on stage is almost magical. Thank you Jamie for capturing such a unique moment!

Next up is a photo of the beloved Squib who recently created and now works for Cassius Creative, posted by Kevin:

No.1 fan spotted

Une photo publiée par Kevin Baird (@kevinsbaird) le

I’m sure the “No.1 fan spotted” made a lot of people jealous, we’d all love to think we’re fan number one wouldn’t we! I love this picture because I thought it was nice to see a familiar face again and see that the band and their crew are still very close be it professionally or as friends. I also like it because the poster for Gameshow is pretty amazing! For anyone who pre-ordered the deluxe bundles, vinyl or CD, you may be in with a chance of getting one! Let us know on October the 14th!

And last but not least, the shoes:

Alex, Tufnell Park Dome.

Une photo publiée par @jamiewilliam le

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by how much I absolutely adore these. I love red, I love shoes and I love glitter, so red glittery shoes on my favourite musician are just the best. Two Door’s clothes have always been a great topic of discussion, what with their sense of fashion being pretty flawless, so it’s only right these beautfiul shoes get a mention on the site..isn’t it?!

If there are more photos you think I should share on the site let me know, you can even send in your own along with your Two Door experience! That’s what the lovely Holly Small has done, so it’s with great pleasure that I share with you her story:

Tufnell Park Dome- 14th of September 2016.

I arrived to a small venue with a red carpet laid on the outside by the door, many fans had already arrived and it wasn’t hard to find long time fans like myself, it was just a matter of looking at the ones with old TDCC shirts on. After a long wait we walked the red carpet into a smallish room (compared to other TDCC gigs) the stage, dance floor and bar were coloured to match the bands new album artwork, which could also be found on a screen with the ‘Gameshow’ cover on it at the front. Greeted with a smile and offer of free popcorn and a free magazine (DIY magazine) I felt very lucky to be there and very unable to refuse these lovely gifts. After a while a black and white film began to play, now this is the part everyone stood and watched questioning what was going on, why was this being played, what relevance did it have? personally I began to ask the same sort of questions and in fact many began to get angry as we had been standing and waiting for quite sometime and this was the first thing we saw after a 3 year wait for TDCC, but I just stood and watched to see that the film mentioned ‘experiments’. I don’t know if the band was hinting at the new album being experiential, but it was really unusual and the thing went on for about 20 to 30 minutes, ‘a lovely short film’ I wouldn’t put it exactly like that. After that strange episode we were treated to the long time teased documentary, the only downfall was that the ‘lovely short film’ had put people in a bit of a bad mood so the enjoyment and attention paid to the documentary was lacking due to frustration from the time taken on the previous clip, its lack of relevance and the heat in the room from our recent heatwave in London was a contributing factor into lack of attention and peoples thinning patience. I did watch and listen to the best of my ability, and Basement People I have to say it was lovely. Very calm approach to explaining the album and the journey to it from all three members of the band, an interesting watch (from what I could hear and remember) and good insight into each members’ thoughts and feelings over it, I enjoyed it immensely, we all cheered and smiled when we saw the names and faces of the band we love so much. However, downfall part two was that after the screening of the documentary it was a further 20-30 minute wait for the stage to be set and the sound check, which put even more people in a bit of a bad mood, as by this point we wanted to see them and hear the songs we have missed so dearly. Although when it came time for their show thank god I had tickets, thank god I was at the front (in front of Kevin), thank god they did this show because they more than made up for the slow start. They smashed it, hit after hit and all three new songs were played, I couldn’t have been happier. We were singing, dancing, jumping, clapping and screaming all night for TDCC. The whole time I was switching between showing my fan art of Tourist History to Beacon to match the song they were singing, to the point I think I made Kevin and possibly Alex laugh. The gig was amazing, TDCC are well and truly back and we couldn’t be happier. For those who waited behind like me were lucky enough to get posters off the walls of the venue or the list of songs for the gig, Somehow I struck it really lucky with security, I got more than a poster. After simply asking if the band would sign my art I was led back inside and up to a door which according to them Alex was waiting inside, unfortunately Kevin rushed past me as I was being walked back in and I think Alex was relaxing after playing an awesome show, so I was moved. Fortunately, Sam was standing just behind me, I shook his hand and showed him my work, he sadly said ‘I don’t have a pen’ and I didn’t either. Therefore I said ‘you guys can have them then, a gift from me’ he smiled and thanked me. I asked how he was and how the three year break was? I also told him how heart breaking the recent interview was on their reason for the three-year break, he seemed laid back and happy I joked after he said he hadn’t done much with ‘but you got married’ he smiled. A friend of his offered to take a picture on my camera of my quick meeting and that was it, however just before I ran for my train I told Sam my name and showed that my work was signed from me instead of them signing it, I smiled and walked off stunned and ever so happy. My only wish is that I had thought more about what to say and that I had more time with him, although it should be known that I can’t thank Sam enough for the short meeting, his kindness, his smile and that now adorable photo I have of that wonderful day. That was my experience at TDCC’s gig at Tufnell Park Dome.





Thank you so much to Holly for sharing her story, to anyone else who would let to share theirs, get in touch!
Enjoy your weekend and talk soon basement peeps,