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Hey guys,

Two Door are on the cover of this month’s DIY magazine!

Two Door Cinema Club return with album ‘Game Show’ next month, and as they reveal in our cover feature – it nearly didn’t happen. On the cusp of world domination back in 2014, hours before their Latitude headline slot, they disappeared. “Nobody really knew what was going to happen,” admits guitarist Sam Halliday. “We didn’t know what we’d be doing in the future, whether there was a point of doing it anymore.”

Read up on what the band have been up to, on Gameshow and how it “nearly didn’t happen”, and enjoy some cool new photos! Check it out here!


Don’t forget to let us know what gigs you plan on going to on twitter! As for us taking on someone as a regular contributor, I think we’ll announce it towards the end of the month. Thanks again to everyone who has e-mailed so far, I’ve enjoyed reading your messages and look forward to working alongside one of you!

Talk soon guys!