Glastonbury, interviews & a new video?
Glastonbury, interviews & a new video? avatar

Hello basement amigos!

I’ve been off for a while, so I’ve quite a bit of catching up to do! For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to see the band live at Glasto, you can catch their performance online. For those of you who were lucky enough, please tell us how it was!

During their stay at Worthy Farm, the band also took a few minutes to discuss Brexit results:

You can also watch Two Door’s fantastic interview with Piper from Kids Interview Bands:

In other news, you may have noticed more mystery posts from the band over the last few days on social media. Their last one was captioned “Coming tomorrow…” and that was 16 hours ago! What do you think we can expect from the band today? I’d like to think the video to Are We Ready? (Wreck) is about to be released into the world.. As many of you have pointed out, all of these posts seem to be false advertisements to go alongside the song, which just so happens to be about consumerism. Let us know what you think!

I’ll be on twitter whenever the magic happens, so get in touch and let’s share yet another Two Door moment together!


Talk soon amigos.