New song!
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We have a new song at last guys!

The band are currently in the US touring, and they played a new song last night in Boston. Were you lucky enough to be there and witness this magical moment?! If so let us know! I can’t imagine being at a Two Door gig and not being able to sing along.. Do tell us how it was, how you felt, how the crowd reacted..!
If you weren’t at their Boston gig last night, luckily enough youtube user Patrick Garriepy has uploaded some of their performance to the site for the world to watch and love!

What do you all think of this new song? How does it make you feel about the new album?
Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Check out the rest of Two Door’s North American gigs:

usa tour














Who is going where? I can only imagine how excited you must be now, knowing they’re finally playing some new stuff! Keep us updated fellow North American basement people!

Talk very soon!

Lots of love,
A very happy Saoirse.