A Two Door interview “made in the basement”.

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A Two Door interview “made in the basement”.
A Two Door interview “made in the basement”. avatar

What is Beacon all about?” “What’s your favourite song to play live?” “What’s your favourite pair of socks?

How about Two Door tell us something we don’t know? Perhaps something we think we know, but we don’t know. After hearing them answer the same questions time after time since the release of their second record, here is your chance to ask the boys something new. I have been given the oppurtunity to interview the band this Friday at France’s biggest outdoor festival the Vieilles Charrues.
Let us know what questions you would like to ask the band in the comments below or on twitter by using the hashtag #BPinterviewTwoDoor. The interview is mainly based around the band/fan relationship, however all kinds of questions are welcome (who knows, maybe you do want to know what their favourite pair of socks is). The interview is in two days so send your questions in asap!

In other news, you may have heard of Two Door’s upcoming release. Here is Sam talking about it whilst at a festival in Portugal.

I look forward to receiving plenty of questions from you guys!