The Best From The Basement #3.

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The Best From The Basement #3.
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It’s time for the best from the basement yet again! This week, we have a very interesting collaboration by xCodeBleu who covered Undercover Martyn, which is we believe our own little anthem? They said it was an honour for them to be on the website, we are therefore very happy to share this with you!

Next, we have something quite special. A few months ago on twitter, the band asked if anyone had a Two Door tattoo, and at the time we don’t think anyone did. Things have changed since then! A very dedicated fan, Laura, got (to the best our knowledge) the first Two Door tattoo! After going through a bit of pain to have this done (though it was according to her definitely worth it) we just had to share this with you!

Kevin, the “tattoo boy” of the band, had is own word to say about this too.

Keep sharing your ideas, aswell as anything you think should be a part of our future “latest from the basement” posts!

Saoirse & Joe.