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TDCC – Reflecting On Summer 2011
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The nights are drawing in, there’s that nippy breeze in the air and the summer festivals are now but a memory. Luckily for you however, Two Door Cinema Club have encapsulated their memories from their trip to Singapore and Japan in a nifty little YouTube tour video. Be sure to note the Pad Thai at 1:20, donated by one of the #basementpeople, @Nette_ASK, who we consider to be a true super-fan! Be warned, the video contains swearing throughout.

The band are currently set to do one last tour of North America and then will settle down to work on their next album. But through their twitter speak, we get the impression that it’s coming along quite nicely! Their tour dates can be found here, although most of them have already sold out! Also if you saw them at Reading or Leeds, it’d be awesome if you could vote for them as the best act. (Even if you didn’t see them there and you want to vote anyway, we won’t tell!)

I shall leave you with the words of the band and a 2011 highlight video

It’s almost the end for what has been a mammoth year touring our debut album, Tourist History. 2011 was such an incredible year for us. We had probably the best year of our lives. Getting nominations for various awards, winning a few as well, playing our first shows in weird and wonderful places across the globe, getting a Gold Record in the UK, playing our biggest headline shows to date, having an awesome Summer of Festivals…the list goes on. Here is a video of some of our highlights:

-Two Door Cinema Club

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