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The Eve of Big News
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Hello, basement people! How do we feel, a day before the big UK announcement? What do you guys think it is? Let us know on twitter or on facebook! Today we have some more exciting made in the basement people material for you guys! First of all, a short “Movie Trailer” by Alexa (twitter and…
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A special birthday wish.
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After the Bangor Boys birthdays, there is still one very important birthday wish I believe should be posted here. One half of basementpeople.com would like to wish the other half a very very happy birthday. I know we don’t usually wish basement people birthdays here, but I thought it was only fair the one and…
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Happy Birthday Alex.
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Basementpeople.com would like to wish the one and only Alex Trimble a very happy 22nd birthday. After weeks of hard work, his birthday video made by the basement people is done! I had to make the clips quite short, as I got so many, so I’m sorry about that, but it is nice to see…
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The Best From The Basement #5.
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It’s sunday, or #FollowSunday as Alex (and some basement people) would say, which means it’s time for the best from the basement! This week, we have a wonderful Cigarettes In The Theatre cover by Nick Wilson. That cover went down quite well, so well that he also covered Something Good Can Work a few months…
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The Best From The Basement #4
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Before our post this week we wish to pay tribute to those lost in the September 11th attacks, 10 years ago to this day. We wish their families the best and offer our condolences. As for the best from the basement this week we have an amazing a capella version of Something Good Can Work. (Meaning…
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