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It has started, at last.. Basement People of the UK, the #tourofdreams is coming your way! Glasgow was Two Door’s first stop; if you were there do let us know all about it! We hope you’re all really excited and hope to meet some of you! It’s going to be one very amazing tour. If…
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In a few weeks, we will get time..
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As you may know, the voting for the NME Awards 2012 is now closed. Nominations will be announced on the 31st of January; we really hope to see Two Door up for best live band and Basement People up for best fan community. Speaking of the NME Awards, only a few more days until the…
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Happy Christmas!
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BasementPeople.com would like to wish you all a very very happy Christmas. Thank you all for such a wonderful year, we wish you a great 2012 and hope that everything goes well for you. After all, many surprises await us basement people! Don’t forget to keep voting for Two Door Cinema Club as Best Live…
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NME Awards: Vote Two Door Cinema Club!
NME Awards: Vote Two Door Cinema Club! avatar

[Click here to vote!] As we previously reported, you can now vote for Two Door Cinema Club for the NME Awards 2012. However we’ve since found out the two categories that the band really want to try and win! It’s touching that the band themselves want to really try for Best Fan Community, much like…
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Two weeks until Christmas.
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It’s december already. It’s been a great year for Two Door (awards, festivals..) but also for us, the basement people. Getting noticed by the band, setting up our own website..how exciting! Though we have done quite a bit this year, we’re not finished, we still have so much more to show the band! As some…
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