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Dirty Air!
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Basement people! Were you listening to BBC Radio 1 tonight? If so, you probably heard Two Door’s latest track off upcoming album False Alarm, Dirty Air! If you missed it, check it out now! As I’d said on yesterday’s post, we had already heard a short extract from Dirty Air ages ago, though none of…
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Album updates and a new single!
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My basement people, If you’re signed up to the bands mailing list or if you follow them in social media, you’ve probably heard the news concerning upcoming album False Alarm – the band have pushed back it’s release date by a week. Though none of us want to wait any longer, we totally understand the…
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Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s new music video – Satellite!
Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s new music video – Satellite! avatar

Here it is basement people, the music video to Two Door’s latest single Satellite! What are your thoughts? Come discuss it with us on twitter and instagram as always! Things we can learn from the new @TDCinemaClub video: How to deal with a crisis? DANCE! pic.twitter.com/Ck3IixCAqZ— #basementpeople (@Basement_people) 16 May 2019 If you want even…
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One month until False Alarm and a new music video
One month until False Alarm and a new music video avatar

Basement people, what are you doing on Thursday at 10am (I’m guessing GMT)? I know what I’ll be doing! The band have just posted this: Such mystery. What about those dance moves?! Who else is already practicing them for festival season? Anyway, stay tuned, I’ll be live tweeting on Thursday to discuss what I’m guessing…
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Two new tours!
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Basement people of the world, and more specifically of North America, Ireland, and Northern Ireland… Your time has come! After teasing us on Sunday and Monday, the band announced a North American tour yesterday and an Irish/Northern Irish one earlier on today! As with the bands UK tour, exclusive pre-sale codes for access tickets for…
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