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Dirty Air music video!
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Basement peeps what is up! I’ve been real busy meaning I still haven’t got around to telling you about my recent Two Door show experiences – soon, I promise! In the meantime, we have a new music video to look forward to, coming tomorrow! 10 am BST basement people, will you be there?! Tomorrow. 10am…
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Basement people react to False Alarm!
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Basement people of the world (and beyond, now that Two Door have been into space) – WHAT IS UP? False Alarm has been out for over a week now, which means we’ve had plenty of time to listen to it over and over and really develop our thoughts on it. If you haven’t been in…
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False Alarm!
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Woop woop basement people, have you heard False Alarm? Satisfaction Guaranteed if I may say so myself… (What – a – song!) As you all most definitely 100% probably know, Two Door Cinema Club’s fourth album False Alarm was released into the world last Friday, 21st of June. Since then, it has been played many…
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Release Day Eve
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Suuup basement peeps! How are you all feeling? Excited? Nervous? Impatient? All of the above?As some of you may know, I live in France, and as I begin this post it is 23:15 meaning… 45 minutes until False Alarm! Voir cette publication sur Instagram Release Day Eve ❌🚨 Who’s coming to our album release shows…
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Basement people, how are things? What a week, am I right? (Yes, I’m aware it’s only Wednesday!) With only two days to go before False Alarm, and excited basement people all around the world, the band have given us one last pressie… From us, to you. One more pressie before Friday coming tomorrow 9am BST…
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