Remixes, a new Single and a tale of a lucky basement person
Remixes, a new Single and a tale of a lucky basement person avatar

Hello everyone,
the guys have been busy touring Europe, but they still shared some new things with us this past week, one of them being a new Remix of Bad Decisions by Devo.

you can listen to it here.
Another thing that they have been hinting at is Lavender as the 5th single.
A few days ago they shared a preview of the song on their youtube channel, and a teaser on their Facebook and Twitter pages:
Maybe once their tour is over we will get a new music video…
Talking about their tour, our site admin Saoirse is going to the bands Paris gig tomorrow, so if you see her make sure to say hi, and look forward to reading her post about it. I will be going to their gig in Hamburg next Saturday, make sure to let me know on Twitter if you are coming too!

If you have been to any concerts and want to share your experience you can message us also, like Issac from Leeds who was lucky enough to meet the guys after their gig:

16300196_2180498675509425_219233227707885871_oTwo Door Cinema Club were the band that got me into playing the guitar and made me want to form a band and made me want to write music. Their music has been a huge inspiration to me since the age of 11 and now, at 17, I’m so happy that I got to see them. It was a massive pleasure. Thank you to the band for the music and coming out to meet the 3 people waiting, thank you to Kevin for telling me what “MFT” means, and thank you to Alex for the advice, it really means a lot.




Thank you so much Issac for sharing that with us! I’m glad you had a nice time and got the chance to meet them.

Talk soon everybody,

Paris here I come + basement people bios.
Paris here I come + basement people bios. avatar

Hey guys!

How is everyone? How did you enjoy the bands UK tour? We’ve heard some fantastic stories from Olivia and Maybrit, Ellie’s is yet to come, and all I can say is it sounded amazing. I’m delighted so many of you had such a good time, if you’d like to submit your story get in touch with Ellie!

Now, you guys have had your fun, now it’s Europe’s turn! Two Door kick off their European tour tomorrow night in Brussels, and will be in Paris on the 27th! I cannot wait to see them again, this time will be my 10th time seeing them, so it’s a pretty big one! Also, though I’ve seen them twice in the past year I haven’t had the chance to talk with them this time around (though I did meet up with Ben last August, thanks Ben!). Who else is going? Get – in – touch. I’d love to meet up with some of you!

Speaking of France, the band recently announced La Nuit de L’Erdre festival! They will be playing there on July the first, and needless to say I will be there!

What about “some more French news” guys? We can’t wait to hear what the band are going to announce!

In other news, the girls and myself have put together a little something to help you guys get to know who is who on the site. Introducing the basement people team bio pages!

BP team


We put together (and by we I mean 80% Maybrit) a few little things to create these pages, along the lines of the ones the boys already have, so you guys can get to know us, and know who to contact depending on what you want and need! We had a lot of fun creating them, and no doubt we will add some more fun information to them in the next few weeks! If there’s anything you think we should add do them, do let us know!

See you basement people de France real soon, and to everyone else: keep being faaabulous.

Talk soon hermanos & hermanas!

Alexandra Palace
Alexandra Palace avatar

Hey everyone,
what a weekend it has been!
Last Friday marks the official end of the bands UK Tour, and what a better way to end it than by playing a double show at Ally Pally in London.

It was their first concert in the city since their O2 show in 2013 and it was very clear that they were missed. With only a few tickets left for their thursday show and a sold out friday show, the venue was packed with people, including me 🙂 A few of you may remember that last year before I joined the site as a regular contributor, I actually won this sites contest to get tickets for this event.

The guys were supported by Sundara Karma and special guest for these two shows only, Circa Waves! But fear not, Anteros, their support group for the rest of the UK Tour, were represented by Laura who joined Alex later on during The World Is Watching.
All three bands were amazing. Sundara Karma and Circa Waves both did an amazing job with their performances, entertaining and getting everybody ready for what was about to come : Two Door Cinema Club.
IMG_5730The guys started with two classics, Cigarettes in the Theatre and Undercover Martyn.
Both songs got the crowds fired up and there was lots of jumping, dancing and singing along! They mostly played older songs, but still included quite a few tracks from Gameshow, which sounded amazing live.
It was an evening well spent and I had a great time. I even managed to meet some other Basement People and had a lovely chat during the breaks.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-14 um 23.58.32

After the concert I was lucky enough to go to their After Party. I felt really out of place at first, with so many familiar faces around me, people I knew from social media who are related to the guys, but nobody knowing me. But that didn’t matter, because when I approached the guys they all took a little moment to talk to me and take a picture.
It was such a surreal experience. They were all really nice, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity that this site has given me.

If you plan on seeing Two Door in the future, you are in for a treat! (Hamburg anyone? – let me know on Twitter)
I really hope that each and everyone of you get the opportunity to see them live one day, and maybe even meet them. The way they perform their songs is truly incredible. Having been a fan for many years it fills me with so much joy to hear them play in person. It is such a wonderful experience and I urge you all to get tickets to see them if you can. It will be worth it!

Talk again soon,


TDCC concert review and Updates
TDCC concert review and Updates avatar

Hey Basement People,

As many of you may know, I saw Two Door Cinema Club in Southampton earlier this week and needless to say, it was truly amazing! I’m going to share my experience of seeing the band for the first stime, get ready for some poor camera skills but outstanding content quality. 😂

Before I start writing an incredibly long and detailed description of the concert, I would recommend any Mexican TDCC fans to check out this amazing Facebook fanpage!

First of all, I was lucky enough to get the prime spot of the concert – the center barrier! Definitely worth waiting in line, in the rain for 2 hours. Whilst I was waiting, I met up with Sara, a lovely Basement Person who had queued for 3 hours and kept me company. You can see her (on the right, wearing black) and me (wearing the stripey turtleneck) in the photo below.

02 superfans ft me and gwens scary faces

The first support band to perform was Anteros. The lead singer of Anteros kept reaching her hand out to me and it was honestly the best, she even replied to my tweet about it, thank you Laura!

Anteros were truly fantastic live, and I strongly recommend you listen to their music! Here’s one of my favourite songs by them:

Next up was Sundara Karma!


The crowd got really excited, which I wasn’t not surprised with as the angelic Oscar Lulu was a couple meters away from me! Several songs, a lot of moshing, a few of crowd-surfers and unconscious fans dragged out of the venue later, the band ended their performance with their single ‘Loveblood‘.


The security guards thankfully gave everyone some time to drink water, cool down and mentally prepare for Two Door. Since a lot of people were moshing and pushing each other around, most of the Basement People I knew were no longer beside me at the barrier, and I worried as I thought that no one would want to help me hold my banner. Thankfully everyone around me was super happy with my banner and helped me hold it for almost all of TDCC’s performance! I cannot express how thankful I am for this, Basement People you are amazing! It was definitely one of my most precious moments of the night for me 💜

Two Door Cinema Club live in Southhampton |

(Photo credit to Hollywood Photos)

The lights dimmed, the intro music started playing and before I knew it Two Door Cinema Club was right before my eyes. It was such a surreal experience – I honestly could not understand that Alex Trimble was literally an arm’s reach away.

Two Door kicked off the show with Cigarettes in the Theatre, and within a few notes of Sam’s guitar, the entire audience was completely enthralled. The lighting fitted perfectly, exciting the already exuberant Basement People even more than I thought was possible! This was followed by the classic Basement People anthem, Undercover Martyn, where everyone sang every word to our song.


Almost every time Alex had a vocal solo, he would crouch down directly in front of me, reach out, and sing to the audience. He was so close that I could the little space rock on his necklace which he has mentioned in multiple interviews, I’m pretty sure at that moment I was the luckiest Basement Person in the venue!


(I truly had the best view! Please ignore my screaming and my hand reaching out to Alex)

At Eat That Up It’s Good For You, one of my favorite songs by the band, I stopped filming and singing and simply closed my eyes and completely immersed myself in the music. When I opened my eyes, Alex was smiling and singing at me. Mr Trimble, your smile purified me thoroughly.

Two Door closed the night off flawlessly with Someday and the classic, What You Know. The security guards were kind enough to give me one of Ben’s Drumsticks and the Merch sellers promised to give TDCC my banner! That means Two Door Cinema Club are aware this site, the fans, the basement people love them, which truly means a lot to me.

Two Door Cinema Club didn’t play their songs at the concert. They performed. The band’s confidence, skill and talent beamed throughout the evening. It was a completely unforgettable experience and I urge any of you who haven’t gone to a TDCC to see them live.

Also, a big thanks to all of the Basement People who said hello to me, helped me hold the banner and made my concert experience fantastic! It truly means a lot to me. 🙂

Talk soon,









UK tour starts tonight!
UK tour starts tonight! avatar

Hey guys!

How has 2017 been treating you all so far? The band have ended their first tour of the year after what seemed like a fantastic few gigs in Asia, and are kicking off their UK tour tonight! So many of you have been waiting for this one, well, it’s upon us at last!


It’s going to be amazing guys. So many shows, and practically all sold out! You basement people are craaazyyy.
So, who is going to see them and where? Have you planned on meeting up with some fellow basement people? I sadly won’t be going to any of these shows, but our very own Ellie will be! The lucky duck is going to tonight’s show at the O2 in Birmingham! If you see her, go say hi! I’ll see you basement people de France on the 27th of February in Paris! I’m so looking forward to that, and I’m not seeing them for another month! I can’t imagine how you guys must feel. The band seem pretty ready anyway:


Looking forward to kicking off the UK tour in just a few days! Birmingham, you’re up first. 🎶

Une photo publiée par Two Door Cinema Club (@twodoorcinemaclub) le

To make the whole thing that be more special, only a few hours ago the band announced something pretty exciting, check it out:

I know for a fact that you guys are such a talented bunch of people, so get involved guys! Best of luck to all, and if you do win a photo pass let me know will you, I’d love to hear from you and share your experience on the site!

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to see the boys, be it in the UK or somewhere else. Keep us updated on our everything goes for you guys, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Talk soon,