The End of the US Tour & Happy Birthday Alex!
The End of the US Tour & Happy Birthday Alex! avatar

Hello everyone,
first of all… Happy Birthday Alex!
We all hope you had a lovely day celebrating!

The guys finished touring in the US yesterday and have now only two gigs left in South Africa before their Gameshow Tour is over. There they will play at the Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies festivals.

During these last three weeks of touring the states they have played in multiple new venues/cities and festivals like the Music & Arts festival in New York, the Thrival Music festival in Pennsylvania  and the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas.

Life Is Beautiful – that was amazing! Thank you x ? @katycummings_

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At their sold out show in Anaheim they got gifted an amazing looking skateboard by the venue to celebrat their gig.

If you went to any shows let me know about them on Twitter!

Talk Soon,

Shibashi is back! (+ Hollywood Life interview)
Shibashi is back! (+ Hollywood Life interview) avatar

Hello everyone,
as you can see by the title, Shibashi is back!
In June Kevin and Sam revealed to us that they were 2/3 of the trio Shibashi by sharing their song Salvation with us. Yesterday they mentioned all over social media that they would share some new music with us today: their new single Part of Me.

As of midnight the song has appeared on all streaming services.

I absolutely love it and I’m sure most of you will too! As revealed by an interview with Will you Music? last month Sam is the official lead vocalist and Kevins brother Paddy is the producer, though they all do a bit of everything. I’m looking forward to more music in the future.

In Two Door related news the band has been on tour in the US for a week and it seems that it has been going really well.

First week of our US tour has gone so fast. Great memories so far. More to be made! ??

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While in New York for The Meadows festival they did an interview with Gabriella from Hollywood Life! They talk about the tour and their upcoming album. Give it a read, it’s really interesting and funny!

Talk soon

Fall Tour
Fall Tour avatar

Hello everyone,
the guys are now back on Tour!
Yesterday night for the first time ever they played at the State Theater in Portland.
They will play 14 more shows and then end their US Tour at The National in Richmond on October 2nd, one day before Alexs Birthday!

And we’re off! Thanks, Portland x ? @katycummings_

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During this Tour the guys will DJ at two after partys.
One after their show tomorrow at The Meadows Music & Arts Festival in New York (You can get tickets here)

and a second one after their show in El Paso at The Perch.

Are you going to any shows ?
Let me know on Twitter!
Talk Soon,

End of the European Festival Tour & Fifa Interview
End of the European Festival Tour & Fifa Interview avatar

Hello everyone,
yesterday the band played at Lollapalooza Berlin, marking the offical end of their European Festival Tour. They are now headed to the US for their Fall Tour.

They will play 15 Shows before going to South Africa for two festival appearances.
On the 20th September the band will play at the Tricky Falls in El Paso, Texas and afterwards they will DJ the Afterparty at The Perch. You can now buy tickets for that event.

Earlier this week they performed at the Popaganda Festival in Sweden and the GlavClub in Russia. There some of you had the idea to hold up Gameshow hearts which made for a beautiful sight!

Holy shit! Moscow you were crazy last night. We felt the love. Hope you felt it too.

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Three days ago an interview with Kevin and Sam got published by Fifa. Over the years the band has been featured in the Fifa Game Soundtrack three times with I Can Talk (Fifa 11), Sleep Alone (Fifa 13) and Are We Ready ? (Wreck) (Fifa 17).

The Interview is mostly about footbal, but they still talk a little bit about the Tour, including the time they spotted Ronaldo at their São Paulo gig.

Talk Soon,

Reading & Leeds
Reading & Leeds avatar

Hello everyone,

sadly summer and Two Door Cinema Clubs Gameshow Tour are slowly coming to an end.
These past two months the band has played around 20 festival shows in (mostly) Europe and Australia and have just another four left before going back to the US for 15 additional gigs that are part of their US Tour.
Afterwards they will finish the Gameshow Tour with 2 final shows in South Africa in October.

The guys have been on and off the road touring the record for 18 months now, including multiple festivals all over the World, a UK, Europe and (mini) Australia Tour and 4 US Tours.

One highlight of this summer has been Reading & Leeds festival. Back in 2010 Reading & Leeds was one of the first big festivals that the band played at and this year marks the 5th time that they were there.

Backstage they were interviewed by Gary Ryan from NME where they talked about the Tour and also their next album.
Because of the constant touring they haven’t had a chance to go into the studio yet, but Alex said that they have a big spectrum of ideas at the moment and that the 4th record might even go into yet another different direction from their old music.

If you live in the UK remember that you can watch their performance at Reading festival on the BBC iPlayer. Sadly the rest of us can’t enjoy it, but maybe we will get lucky and one of the songs gets uploaded to the BBC Youtube channel like it was the case at Big Weekend.

Check out this video from the BBC Newsbeat Twitter that shows the band just as they go on stage, including their pre-show High Five!

AND make sure to watch the bands performance of Bad Decisions

I hope you all had a nice summer!
Talk Soon