Reading & Leeds
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Hello everyone,

sadly summer and Two Door Cinema Clubs Gameshow Tour are slowly coming to an end.
These past two months the band has played around 20 festival shows in (mostly) Europe and Australia and have just another four left before going back to the US for 15 additional gigs that are part of their US Tour.
Afterwards they will finish the Gameshow Tour with 2 final shows in South Africa in October.

The guys have been on and off the road touring the record for 18 months now, including multiple festivals all over the World, a UK, Europe and (mini) Australia Tour and 4 US Tours.

One highlight of this summer has been Reading & Leeds festival. Back in 2010 Reading & Leeds was one of the first big festivals that the band played at and this year marks the 5th time that they were there.

Backstage they were interviewed by Gary Ryan from NME where they talked about the Tour and also their next album.
Because of the constant touring they haven’t had a chance to go into the studio yet, but Alex said that they have a big spectrum of ideas at the moment and that the 4th record might even go into yet another different direction from their old music.

If you live in the UK remember that you can watch their performance at Reading festival on the BBC iPlayer. Sadly the rest of us can’t enjoy it, but maybe we will get lucky and one of the songs gets uploaded to the BBC Youtube channel like it was the case at Big Weekend.

Check out this video from the BBC Newsbeat Twitter that shows the band just as they go on stage, including their pre-show High Five!

AND make sure to watch the bands performance of Bad Decisions

I hope you all had a nice summer!
Talk Soon

Summer Updates
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Hello everyone,
it´s been such a long time since my last post and quite a few things have happened.
First of all on behalf of all of us I´d like to wish Sam, Kevin and Ben a belated Happy Birthday!

The guys have been really busy this July playing at Festivals and doing their mini Australia Tour. I saw them at the Cruïlla Festival in Barcelona on the 7th July. Previously to their show Sam and Kevin visited the Camp Nou Stadium where they got their own custom TDCC Football Jersey which Sam even wore at the gig!

Més que un band! Gracias @fcbarcelona

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While in Australia for Tour one very exciting thing that has happened is that the guys decided to adopted a Dingo.
It’s called Jira the ‘Two Door’ Dingo and I hope we will get some more pictures of it from future visits!

Thanks for having us Australia, we will be back soon to see Jira and you all as soon as we can.

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After taking a small week break the guys will go back to playing shows today, starting at the Boardmasters Festival in the UK.
They will go on to tour some more festivals mostly in Europe until the middle of September which is when their US Tour starts.

If you have already gone to a show or plan on going but missed out on buying some merchandising be sure to check out the bands online Store (UK / US) this week, because up to the 17 of August you will get 25% OFF of any purchase using the promo code SUMMER.

I wish you all a lovely summer
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La Nuit de l’Erdre.
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Hey guys!

Long time, no see. I haven’t been on in a while, but summer is finally upon us so I’ll have a bit more time to keep in touch! How is everyone? How has your summer been so far? Mine kicked off in the best of ways: with a Two Door gig!

19620450_1359026624175385_3118299229873264017_oPhoto by Nicolas Leboeuf.

Last saturday, on the 1st of July, I went to see Two Door for the 11th time at the festival La Nuit de l’Erdre near Nantes in France. What a day – it was such a wonderful way to start the summer. I went with my dad and brother, who hadn’t seen the band since 2013, and met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in years. My family couldn’t get over how much the band had changed, my friends had the time of their lives, and Two Door were fantastic, as always. They came on stage at 22:30, so everyone was pretty excited. Their live performance, the light show, the crowd… Everything was brilliant. The setlist was still very Tourist History/Beacon with only a few Gameshow songs, but I can understand why they would chose to play their better known songs at a festival. My highlights were Something Good Can Work and Lavender, though I must say they gave every song everything they had. I was also lucky to meet up with Ben after the show, which was lovely, as always. The festival itself was also very enjoyable, it was quite small which gave it a very friendly atmosphere, and there was plenty to do and see all afternoon. I’d definitely go back. Thanks again to everyone who made last saturday such a great day!


I don’t know when I’ll see the band again, which is always an odd feeling. When I saw them last february in Paris I knew I had this show coming up, whereas now… I’ll have to wait until they announce another european tour!

Stay tuned for some more basement people stories – one from our very own Maybrit will be online very soon! If you would like to share your gig/festival experience, do get in touch!

Have a wonderful summer basement peeps.

Much love,

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Hello everyone,
this weekend Two Door will embark on their next touring phase which will go on until October.
Today they will start their festival gigs in France, later on passing though other European countries, and doing their mini Tour in Australia.
Then in the Fall they will do another small US Tour, where they will be joined by Circa Waves!

Circa Waves is also joining them on the 10 July at Trinity College in Dublin.

Earlier this year Alex covered Circa Waves Song Goodbye at the BBC Radio 1 Piano Sessions, which you can check out here.

They will finish this Tour by playing in South Africa at two festivals, one of them Rocking the Daisies and the other one at Oppikoppi!

In other news, if you have Spotify go ahead and check out Alex’s playlist that he created with some of his favourite tracks at the moment.

And if you have Twitter make sure to keep sending Alex questions using #asktdcc as he has been answering some recently.
If you are going to any shows feel free to let me know aswell.
Talk Soon,

Festivals, Music Videos, Shibashi and the Little Princess Trust
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Hi everyone,

Alex, Sam, and Kevin have been up to a lot inside and outside of the band!

Firstly, Two Door has announced that they will be headlining Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire and playing at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta on their US tour.

The band has also released a live version of Bad Decisions at Alexandra Place in February this year. It’s worth checking out!

Outside of the band, Sam, Kevin, and his two brothers have collaborated to create Shibashi! In their first and only single released presently, Salvation, Sam is the lead vocalist and definitely has a hidden talent singing! If you are a big fan of Sam and Kevin’s previous collaborations, such as Golden Viens in the Changing of the Seasons EP, Shibashi is made for you. The music video, single artwork and logo features gorgeous work by Lisa Magee.

Alex has been making some changes too! Laura Hayden (Anteros) unveiled on her instagram story that he no longer has his long ginger hair!

Bald Trimble

Alex later revealed that he donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity which ‘provides real hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.’

I've donated my hair to @littleprincesstrustcharity

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Alex has been incredibly selfless and kind to do this, so I urge you to post a comment on his Instagram to show your respect! His beautiful ginger locks will be missed, but its great to know where his hair is going.

Talk soon,