T-Shirt Templates

The Two Door Cinema Club Fan Site

Many of you have often enquired about getting #basementpeople T-Shirts. Well, we don’t sell them, this is a fan site, not a business. But we will present you with the cheapest possible method of getting one.

We encourage you to support your small local T-Shirt printing business. Perhaps you could even make an iron on using T-Shirt transfers. However, I was able to order a T-Shirt from VistaPrint for less than £5 delivered  after they sent me some offers through by email. Alternatives include CafePress and Spreadshirt.

We respect that Two Door want to sell their own T-Shirts and we encourage you to support them by buying an official one here, which is the reason why we haven’t included their logo on any of our designs.

But if you want to show your support to the band the #basementpeople way, choose one of our designs to download below: