Sam Halliday

Yellow cardigans, mind blowing foot movements.. Sam Halliday has created his own little following amongst the basement people. He is often considered as the shy member of the band, but once he is on stage, he takes on a different persona. However, his amazing guitar riffs are obviously the most important part of his performance.

Together with Kevin and his brother he formed the band Shibashi.

Roles: Guitar, Vocals

Birthday: 26th July 1989

From: Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland

Favourite TDCC Song: Eat That Up, It’s Good For You

First Album: SPICE – The Spice Grils

Hobbies: football

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram

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  1. Rachel N

    I heard the band is taking a long break/vacation before releasing their next new album (DJ Cornmeal), and Sam is getting married! 🙁

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