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Basement people, how are things? What a week, am I right? (Yes, I’m aware it’s only Wednesday!) With only two days to go before False Alarm, and excited basement people all around the world, the band have given us one last pressie…

Being the wonderful fan community we are, some of us guessed…

That’s right basement people! With only two days to go, Two Door have released the studio version of Once into the world! We have already heard an acoutsic version of this of course, they’ve been playing it here and there for a few weeks now, so it’s nice to finally hear the studio version of it!
Do remember, Once is the opening track on False Alarm, so it’s quite an important one!

How do you feel about this version of the song? Is it everything you had expected, based on the acoustic versions we’ve already heard? Predictably, I love the studio version of the verses, however right now I think I still prefer the acoustic chorus… We’ll see, many more listens of both versions await me! Let us know how you feel about this new track on twitter and instagram!

I’ll be back again real soon to discuss False Alarm, possibly before it comes, possibly after… TWO DAYS BASEMENT PEEPS!

Talk soon my friends!