Warning – TDCC 4 Locked

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Warning – TDCC 4 Locked
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Basement peeps!

The band are back with a mysterious video, but not a festival one, no! This one has definitely got something to do with the new album.

The 19 second clip shows extracts from their performance of What You Know at Community Festival last year with things getting a little fuzzy near the end and this mysterious message appearing between shots of the band.

Warning, TDCC 4 locked.

What does this mean?!

Does TDCC 4 mean Two Door Cinema Club’s fourth album? That does seem like a logical conclusion, however…what if it’s a part of something bigger, a series of clues?! What if the numbers 6 and 5 in the previous video were indeed a count down, and this is the next step?!

The whole “locked” thing does seem very quest like… Do we just sit and wait, or should we be doing something to unlock TDCC 4?

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I’ll be back with news real soon, until then sit tight (or maybe don’t – and try and solve this Two Door mystery?!)!

So much basement people love,