Album four – the trailer!

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Album four – the trailer!
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My fellow basement people, at last we have some solid album four related material! I am very excited to say that Two Door Cinema Club’s fourth album trailer has finally dropped! Check – it – out!

There is so much to say about this video, where to start?!

I’m going to start off with my own thoughts, and I will update this post over the next few days with your contributions! This is a moment to be shared amongst us basement people and this website is our special place to be our 100% Two Door crazy selves so it’s only right this post brings together all of our thoughts, hopes and dreams for what is to come!

Ok, over analysing a 44 second album trailer, here we go!

I feel like a good place to start is the music. What do you think of it? It definitely sounds Two Door-ish, it has that fresh pop sound we had during the Tourist History and Beacon era but also some funky Gameshow-like vibes going on, making it a whole new sound yet very much them, do you agree? Do you think this is from a song off the album or a piece of music put together for this trailer?

Now, for the actual video!

First of all can we mention how it starts off with an oven door opening? Was their Y Not festival announcement a hint at this or just a fun coincidence?!
In this video we can also see:
Fruit and vegetables, also fresh, like their sound…am I reading into this too much?
The polaroid camera, which could be a shoutout to Alex’s photography, what do you think? The polaroid that comes out has Two Door Cinema Club written on it – the font and general aesthetic looks the same, though this could be to not give away too much…thoughts?
The fans. As a founder of, I would like to see this as a metaphor of the fans, meaning US, blowing the band away? Buuut the same clip is played a few seconds later in reverse, meaning we probably didn’t blow the band away with our amazing fanbase and album trailer theories? Hey…a girl can dream, right?! What do you think it means, if it means anything?
The phones. I don’t have much to say about the phones, so if you have any thoughts on them please share them!

In my opinion, the whole numbers thing is where it gets interesting, as there are definitely things to read into here!

We have this 5 59 that turns to TD C5, and then later on from 10 59 to TD C6, then from 10 59 to TDCC, and finally from 6 59 to 2019. What’s that all about? Could 5 and 6 mean the months of May or June? Should we be adding 5 and 6 meaning the new album is coming in November? That seems a bit late… What do you think?
The group of clocks all read different times – could this mean something? Different times, different time zones? There is a close up on a beautiful clock on which we can see TDCC written and…6 5. Numbers 5 and 6 again! The hands are pointing to 2 and 7, so maybe July? Does an album in the middle of festival season sound possible to you?
There are of course an infinity of different combinations possible with these numbers, 2, 5, 6, and 7. If you want to go and add 5:59, 6:59 and 10:59 to those we have a looot of possibilities folks!

Please please please share your thoughts, these fantastic basement people moments are what this community and website are all about and I’m so happy to be able to share it with all of you! Get in touch on facebook, twitter and/or instagram!

Here are some of your reactions so far!

Here is my own input, assuming the album will be released on a Friday (if not, as I said…endless combinations and possibilities!)

More updates to come.