Shibashi is Back! (+ Hollywood Life Intetrview)

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Shibashi is Back! (+ Hollywood Life Intetrview)
Shibashi is Back! (+ Hollywood Life Intetrview) avatar

Hello everyone,
as you can see by the title, Shibashi is back!
In June Kevin and Sam revealed to us that they were 2/3 of the trio Shibashi by sharing their song Salvation with us. Yesterday they mentioned all over social media that they would share some new music with us today: their new single Part of Me.

As of midnight the song has appeared on all streaming services.

I absolutely love it and I’m sure most of you will too! As revealed by an interview with Will you Music? last month Sam is the official lead vocalist and Kevins brother Paddy is the producer, though they all do a bit of everything. I’m looking forward to more music in the future.

In Two Door related news the band has been on tour in the US for a week and it seems that it has been going really well.

While in New York for The Meadows festival they did an interview with Gabriella from Hollywood Life! They talk about the tour and their upcoming album. Give it a read, it’s really interesting and funny!

Talk soon