Remixes, a new Single and a tale of a lucky basement person
Remixes, a new Single and a tale of a lucky basement person avatar

Hello everyone,
the guys have been busy touring Europe, but they still shared some new things with us this past week, one of them being a new Remix of Bad Decisions by Devo.

you can listen to it here.
Another thing that they have been hinting at is Lavender as the 5th single.
A few days ago they shared a preview of the song on their youtube channel, and a teaser on their Facebook and Twitter pages:
Maybe once their tour is over we will get a new music video…
Talking about their tour, our site admin Saoirse is going to the bands Paris gig tomorrow, so if you see her make sure to say hi, and look forward to reading her post about it. I will be going to their gig in Hamburg next Saturday, make sure to let me know on Twitter if you are coming too!

If you have been to any concerts and want to share your experience you can message us also, like Issac from Leeds who was lucky enough to meet the guys after their gig:

16300196_2180498675509425_219233227707885871_oTwo Door Cinema Club were the band that got me into playing the guitar and made me want to form a band and made me want to write music. Their music has been a huge inspiration to me since the age of 11 and now, at 17, I’m so happy that I got to see them. It was a massive pleasure. Thank you to the band for the music and coming out to meet the 3 people waiting, thank you to Kevin for telling me what “MFT” means, and thank you to Alex for the advice, it really means a lot.




Thank you so much Issac for sharing that with us! I’m glad you had a nice time and got the chance to meet them.

Talk soon everybody,