Paris here I come + basement people bios.
Paris here I come + basement people bios. avatar

Hey guys!

How is everyone? How did you enjoy the bands UK tour? We’ve heard some fantastic stories from Olivia and Maybrit, Ellie’s is yet to come, and all I can say is it sounded amazing. I’m delighted so many of you had such a good time, if you’d like to submit your story get in touch with Ellie!

Now, you guys have had your fun, now it’s Europe’s turn! Two Door kick off their European tour tomorrow night in Brussels, and will be in Paris on the 27th! I cannot wait to see them again, this time will be my 10th time seeing them, so it’s a pretty big one! Also, though I’ve seen them twice in the past year I haven’t had the chance to talk with them this time around (though I did meet up with Ben last August, thanks Ben!). Who else is going? Get – in – touch. I’d love to meet up with some of you!

Speaking of France, the band recently announced La Nuit de L’Erdre festival! They will be playing there on July the first, and needless to say I will be there!

What about “some more French news” guys? We can’t wait to hear what the band are going to announce!

In other news, the girls and myself have put together a little something to help you guys get to know who is who on the site. Introducing the basement people team bio pages!

BP team


We put together (and by we I mean 80% Maybrit) a few little things to create these pages, along the lines of the ones the boys already have, so you guys can get to know us, and know who to contact depending on what you want and need! We had a lot of fun creating them, and no doubt we will add some more fun information to them in the next few weeks! If there’s anything you think we should add do them, do let us know!

See you basement people de France real soon, and to everyone else: keep being faaabulous.

Talk soon hermanos & hermanas!